The Day When I Become A Professional Medical Survent And Serve For People

Posted By: Anurag keshav

About this Talent:

Many people think that becoming a doctor is difficult. Others have some sense that becoming a physician takes many years and is expensive. Most people realize that being a physician is difficult yet rewarding. All these people are correct. Becoming a physician is a long, arduous, expensive process that can only be accomplished with great dedication. 

The day we get our MBBS degree and start practicing, a new life begins for us. We are brand ambassadors of wellness and need to behave differently in public. We cannot and should not smoke or drink or share our personal life with our patients on social media or otherwise. We need to adhere to the law of confidentiality and privacy. We need act as role models for the society for our patients look up to us.

Adhering to these, we may often have to make compromises in our personal lives. However, just the fact that through our actions we are able to bring about a significant difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people, brings us happiness and self-satisfaction.


Salient Features:
Job Price:200 Duration : 1 Day
Location: Rs.Bihar Languages Known : english
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