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Posted By: Anjali

About this Talent:

Believe is the most unique felling in this world because believe can do those things that you can't do those things are possible by the believe because it give you confidence to the  impossible things according to me beleive have many fellings like confidence,trust and many things. Your believe in your god our belive in our god is the most wonderful example of believe because they do these unbelievable things possible because we pray for  you can do everything if you can believe yourself so don't underestimate you because you are the only one person on the earth that can do everything you are special don't thing that anybody don't want you don't like what you can of those people you burn like a sun and shine like a sun and prove that you are much better of these people only do one believe in you if you believe you can't you have to do ok so show the every one that you are a star 

Salient Features:
Job Price:500/- Duration : 10 days
Location: Rs.Uttar Pradesh Languages Known : english
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