About Online Tutoring Jobs

The global pandemic resulted in lockdowns everywhere. Along with offices, the schools were also shut down. This resulted in a spike in the demand for online tutoring jobs as it was the safest way teachers could impart knowledge to the students. This job is considered to be one of the most reputed jobs where you can use your time for the well being of the youth and help them in creating a bright future.

How does it Work?
  1. There are a number of online tutoring jobs. Based on your proficiency in the subjects, choose the job.
  2. Apply for the job online.
  3. Your application will be screened through various stages before shortlisting.
  4. After you are shortlisted, plan well and then start working to ensure that you are able to teach the students in the best possible way.
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Home tutoring is something on which the education of students in India strongly depends.

You can find tutor jobs in various subjects. so there is no fixed qualification set that an online tutor should have. If you want to be able to teach a wide range of subjects, then it is always preferable to have a good background with a college degree in the streams you are interested in.

Teachers are gradually adopting the online teaching profession, and for these jobs, here are some of the basic criteria needed:

  1. Comprehensive subject knowledge to be able to confidently deliver lectures to the students.
  2. There is no special degree course for becoming a tutor but you can opt for advanced programs in the subjects that you intend to teach.
  3. Working experience in teaching is a huge advantage.
  4. Patience in learning the latest technologies for delivering classes online and clarifying the doubts from students as and when needed.
  5. A PC or desktop with a good internet connection.
  1. You will learn about new ways of teaching when opting for this profession.
  2. Flexible working hours, i.e you can take up jobs based on your availability.
  3. Earn while teaching from the safety and comfort of your home.
  4. Gain experience which will help you get well-paid teaching jobs in the future.
Payment methods:

We pay through PayPal, direct account transfer, or via UPI mode, once the assigned job is completed by the tutor.

What are the important parameters people check while hiring an online tutor?

Here are some important criteria that parents often lookout for while enrolling their children for online tutorials with a teacher:

  1. Teaching experience of the teacher.
  2. Reviews from students who had previously enrolled and the ranks that they secured in the exam.
  3. The number of teaching hours per week and subjects covered by the teacher.
  4. Doubt clearing sessions and practice sessions to ensure that students have clear fundamentals.
What are some essential things to include in online tutoring to provide parents assurance regarding the teaching quality?

Here are some things that every online tutor needs to include in the package:

  1. A free demo class for every subject that is being taught.
  2. Meeting with the parents of the student after an exam to discuss his progress to ensure that parents are fully aware of their kids' performance.
  3. Special classes for students having lower scores to focus on their weaker areas in a much better way.
  4. Conducting practice sessions at the end of every chapter without quickly moving to the next topic just for the sake of completing the syllabus.
  5. Conducting a class to teach the students about the rules in an online class and how to use the system and online portals to gain maximum benefit from them.
  6. Mock tests at regular intervals along with surprise tests to know the level of preparation of the students. This will ensure that the students take the classes seriously. It will make them seriously complete everything that is taught in the class, without pushing them to study at a later date.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.What are the steps of becoming an online tutor?

First, you need to set up a free online tutoring profile. Based on your experience, you will be getting requests where you can introduce yourself to the students and start delivering classes.

2.Is a college degree mandatory to do an online tutoring job?

No, you don't necessarily need higher educational degrees to do online tutoring. With normal graduation also you can teach students of the school from class 1-10 depending on your proficiency in a subject.

3.How often do online tutors get paid?

This varies from person to person. Some online tutors charge weekly and some monthly.

4.What are the basic requirements to start online tutoring?

You need to have the strong subject knowledge to decide which subject you will be teaching to the students. Apart from these basic computer skills, a laptop or PC with a good internet connection is mandatory for online tutoring.

5.Can a person without any experience become an online tutor?

Yes, there are certain platforms where a person can become an online tutor even without experience. Some of these include Qkids, Preply, Savvy, Tandem, Udemy, Verbling, Italki, and Lingoda.

6.Is classroom teaching better or online tutoring?

In these times of pandemic online tutoring is best as it prevents the chances of spreading of Covid-19. Apart from this, it is always a better idea as a lot of time that is wasted in commutation is saved and students can use it for learning a lot of things.

7.What are some characteristics of a good online tutor?

A good online tutor must have a strong command of the subject that he is going to teach. He must be enthusiastic, persistent, confident, adaptable, and compassionate

8.Is online tutoring also for teachers who have been teaching in classrooms since always?

Yes, but they need to learn some basic computer skills to get started. It will be difficult in the beginning but gradually they will find it more convenient compared to regular classroom teaching.


Our website has an easy process of registration for getting into the online teaching profession. You will be listed out among the local online tutors that will make it easier for you to get more job opportunities. The time needed for traveling is saved which can be better used for collecting the right materials for your students. Gradually, you can set your minimum base price and work on your terms. So, what are you waiting for If you love teaching, log on to our platform and start applying for the tutor jobs now.