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Copy Paste Jobs

Earn Rs.700/- per day

This involves posting classified ads on the websites to increase traffic by grabbing the attention of the website visitors to click on the ads. Posting the free classified ads is quite easy and you will be paid on the number of ads posted.Read More...

Online Typing Jobs

Earn Rs.1000/- per day

This generally involves the data entry or document typing jobs which needs a person to have a good typing speed with good internet connectivity and a desktop. You just need to spare your free hours here and start earning easily. This doesn't need any technical know-how for completing the jobs successfully.Read More...

Proof Reading Jobs

Earn Rs.1200/- per day

These jobs play a major role in generating error-free content that is grammatically correct. There are no formatting or punctuation errors. The final piece of content not only looks more readable but conveys the message that the writer intends to relay to the readers. Read More...

Content Writing Jobs

Earn Rs.1500/- per day

These are some of the most popular jobs today. Every business firm needs content to survive. The right content helps in conveying the intended message to the target audience easily. Content writers can be copywriters, bloggers, ghostwriter, scriptwriters, and many more. So based on your skills you can choose the available jobs on the platform. Read More...

Translation Jobs

Earn Rs.800/- per day

Know more than one language? Do you have a degree or certification in the same, then you can choose one of the various translation jobs on our platform. If you are an experienced translator, you can set your base price and can get better chances gradually, thus earning more. Read More...

Survey Jobs

Earn Rs.500/- per day

It is a kind of market research where you gather the opinion of the target audience through the use of questionnaires and forms. The data collected through these are further subjected to analysis for deriving conclusions.Read More...

Tutoring Jobs

Earn Rs.2500/- per day

This job involves teaching various subjects to the students online that became very common since the pandemic and it was the only safe way to learn by staying at home. All you need is a comprehensive knowledge on the subject you are going to teach to provide the students with notes and practice questions besides clarifying all their doubts. You get a chance to earn while sharing your knowledge with the students. In the process, you gain further experience and get an opportunity to interact with students from various parts of the country.Read More...

Video & Animation Jobs

Earn Rs.4000/- per day

These jobs involve creating expressive character animation which shows a range of emotions. Concept sketches are produced by candidates through brainstorming of ideas, collaborating with the clients, producers and animators. They also integrate the 3 D components into the final products having a commercial quality.Read More...

Music & Audio Jobs

Earn Rs.1200/- per day

Candidates proficient in the field of audio and music can efficiently read the music sheet and understand the related terminologies. They know various ways of playing music as well as conveying the same in written form. They can work for explaining music to students and also use their song writing skills while collaborating with musical companies. They can efficiently compose and edit pieces created on MIDI equipment.Read More...


Set Your Target

Since this is a part-time job, you won't be provided with strict targets. Based on your available time, set it for yourself and start working.


Easy payment option

No need to Work Daily. You can Work at your own time, as per your Wish.


Freedom to work anytime from anywhere

You won't have any fixed time for going to the office. Just work from any place that you find comfortable with no time restrictions.


Dedicated customer support

We have 24 x 7 support available for answering your queries and helping you deal with any work-related issue on our platform.


Quick update on work

Things like approval of your job application or updates on the work you have submitted are done quickly on our website. So you will not have to wait for a lot of time.

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