FAQs for Freelancers
  • 1. What is is an online platform connecting clients with skilled freelancers across various industries. Whether you need a web developer, graphic designer, content writer, or any other freelance service, you can find qualified professionals here.

  • 2. How does it work?
    Clients post their projects detailing their requirements. Freelancers can then bid on these projects. Once a client selects a freelancer, they can work together through our platform until the project is completed.
  • 3. Is it free to join?

    Yes, it's free for both freelancers and clients to join. However, we may have certain premium features or take a commission from projects to support the operation of the platform.

  • 4. How do I post my talents/skills on the platform?
    Once logged in, go to your profile and click on the “Post Talent" section. Here, you can list your expertise, showcase your portfolio, and set your rates.
  • 5. Is there a fee to list my services?
    Listing your services is free. However, the platform might take a commission from successful projects as a service fee.
  • 6. How do I bid on a project?
    Browse the available projects that match your skillset. Click on a project of interest and submit your proposal, including your rate and timeline for completion.
  • 7. How are payments handled?
    Payments are securely processed through our platform. Once a client releases payment, the funds (minus any platform fees) are transferred to your account.
  • 8. What happens if there's a dispute with a client?
    We encourage open communication to resolve any misunderstandings. If issues persist, you can contact our support team, who will mediate and assist in resolving the dispute.
  • 9. How do I improve my visibility and get more projects?
    Ensure your profile is complete with a professional photo, detailed description of your skills, and a strong portfolio. Collecting positive reviews from clients will also boost your credibility and ranking on the platform.
  • 10. Can I communicate directly with clients before accepting a project?
    Yes, our platform offers a messaging system that allows you to discuss project details and negotiate terms with clients before starting the work.
  • 11. How can I ensure timely payment for my services?
    Always use's payment system, which holds funds in escrow. This ensures that you'll be paid once the project is completed satisfactorily.
  • 12. What if I can't complete a project on time?
    If unforeseen circumstances arise, it's essential to communicate with the client as soon as possible. Discuss potential extensions or adjustments to the project scope to accommodate the delay.

    Adjust these based on your platform's specific functionalities and policies. Remember, clear and thorough FAQs can greatly enhance user experience and reduce the volume of customer support inquiries.

FAQs for Employers
  • 1. How do I post a project?

    After creating an account, navigate to the "Post a Project" page and fill out the required information about your project, including scope, timeline, and budget.

  • 2. How do I select a freelancer?
    Once your project is posted, freelancers will bid on it. You can review their profiles, previous work, and ratings to choose the best fit for your needs.
  • 3. How are payments handled?

    Payments are made through our secure online system. Funds are held in escrow until the work is completed to the satisfaction of both parties.

  • 4. What if I'm not satisfied with the freelancer's work?
    We recommend open communication with the freelancer to address any concerns. If there's a dispute, our support team is here to help mediate and find a resolution.
  • 5. How do I become a freelancer on
    Simply create a freelancer account, complete your profile, and start bidding on projects that match your skills and expertise.
  • 6. Is there a rating or review system?
    Yes, after a project is completed, both clients and freelancers can leave reviews and ratings based on their experience. This helps ensure the quality of work and trustworthiness of our community.
  • 7. Can I communicate with a freelancer before hiring them?
    Absolutely! We provide a messaging system to discuss project details, clarify requirements, and ensure you're selecting the right person for the job.
FAQs about Job Practices
  • 1. What is the purpose of the Job Practice feature on

    The Job Practice feature is designed to help individuals develop and refine their freelancing skills by offering a variety of simple tasks for daily practice in various categories.

  • 2. How can I benefit from the Job Practice?
    By regularly practicing and honing your skills through our platform, you can increase your earning potential as a freelancer and turn your abilities into a tangible source of income.
  • 3. What are Practice Earnings?

    Practice earnings are virtual earnings that users accumulate by completing tasks or projects on our practice platform. They reflect your earning potential and serve as an indicator of your skills and proficiency in various tasks.

  • 4. Can I withdraw Practice Earnings as cash?
    No, practice earnings cannot be withdrawn as cash. However, they play a crucial role in showcasing your abilities and potential value to potential clients.
  • 5. How do I become a freelancer on
    Simply create a freelancer account, complete your profile, and start bidding on projects that match your skills and expertise.
  • 6. I see some practices are currently unavailable. When will they be back?
    We are constantly updating our platform to provide better opportunities. While some practices are currently unavailable, we will notify users when they are available again. In the meantime, you can explore other available job practices.
  • 7.Are there other practices I can engage in?
    Yes, apart from the mentioned practices, our platform offers opportunities such as data entry, writing, and more. You can start practicing these skills today to earn and showcase your proficiency.
  • 8.How do I start practicing on your platform?
    Navigate to the desired job practice section, follow the instructions, and begin the tasks. Your practice earnings will be credited to your account upon successful completion.

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