homebaseworks.in have started in 2019 Commencement year 2019 and our core belief is to deliver an excellent experience to our subscribers. It is one of the best platforms to find all types of online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. We help to connect freelancers with firms that need skilled candidates. We aim to encourage people to use their skills and free time to earn a handsome amount. If you are a housewife, student, working professional, or teenager, then you have reached the best website to put your skill and talent to use.

The platform is not just for small jobs, you can even find bigger projects opt for ones with fixed price or hourly payment. You can talk to clients regarding the milestone, schedule, and cost before starting a project.

Why use homebaseworks.in?

There are a vast number of job seekers in India where people look out for genuine job opportunities. Students, housewives and even the working personnel try to seek for additional income sources. In such a scenario, we aim to make your chances of finding the right jobs safe, quick and easy for you. It is like a one stop destination where you can find a lot of opportunities, right from basic typing jobs to ones that need lot of technical skills.

Why homebaseworks.in started?

homebaseworks.in started in the 2019 to provide the users a better way of reaching flexible remote jobs that can be done from the comfort of their homes safely. It makes easy for the job seekers to reach the genuine recruiters and avoid getting trapped by fake ads which is one of the major issues causing a lot of problem and wasting time of those who are really in need of work opportunities. This is the reason we have come up with a solution that can help you in 100% legit work from home and earn a good amount.

How homebaseworks.in works?

The primary aim of our company is to encourage you to look out for the excellent work opportunities in the job market based on your skills. We intend to ensure the right utilization of your time by providing you with a platform for connecting with employers easily. In our website, you can find the detailed job summaries, description about the companies, their headquarters and related details while applying for any position. We put all efforts to gain the trust of job seekers and help them in all possible ways.

The different job opportunities which can be found in our website include content writing, translation, transcription, data entry, online teaching and ad posting jobs. Based on your skills, you can choose the category and start applying for the jobs. You can become a premium member to apply for more number of jobs as the free members can only apply for limited job opportunities.

Who should use homebaseworks.in?

This website is perfect for anyone looking out for flexible job opportunities like freelancing, work from home jobs or other remote jobs. There are various categories, right from entry level to executive level jobs, freelancers to full time jobs. Thus, every type of job seeker can find something useful for them.

In short, it is most suitable for:

  1. Retirees who want to stay active professionally and earn.
  2. Freelancers in search for better work opportunities.
  3. Anyone who is in need of an alternative working schedule.
  4. Housewives who can devote some hours only for jobs.
  5. Career oriented people who are looking for on site or remote jobs.
  6. Someone who needs an additional income through part time working opportunities by using his skills and work experience.
  7. People with health issues with restricted movement or those residing in remote areas, unable to relocate and hence need remote jobs.