About Business VA & Data Entry

Virtual assistant and data entry jobs are some of the popular jobs available for freelancers. Data entry, as the name indicates requires a candidate to enter data in the forms or excel sheets as per the client's requirements which can be done remotely. Virtual assistant jobs are remote administrative assistant jobs such as they might be asked to schedule appointments, make phone calls, plan for travel, make database entries, do social tasks or send emails. Let's see all aspects of this job.

How does it Work?
  1. Browse through the virtual assistant jobs available on our portal.
  2. Select the one which suits your skills and availability and send the online application for it.
  3. It will take about 24 hours for the evaluation of your online application through multiple phases.
  4. Once you are shortlisted, follow the instructions from the client to complete the job and get paid.
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Duties & Responsibilities of Virtual Assistant:

Here are the duties which a Virtual Assistant is expected to perform:

  1. Assisting the client with any type of administrative tasks that needs help.
  2. Identifying and screening potential candidates.
  3. Convincing potential clients to opt for you as their VA.
Qualifications needed for a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant doesn't just need a 4-year degree through it will help them in bagging good clients. They need to take online training courses to learn the skills and how to do the job.


Besides this, there are companies that provide certifications to the VAs. This is an added advantage. So the candidate should try to get certification from community colleges or online educators.


A VA should have the skills of an administrative assistant or secretary. Also, he should have the skills for tracking the assignments of various clients.

Communication skills are extremely important in the case of a VA as he would be working virtually and there has to be clarity in communicating information through phone or email.


A good VA has a range of computer skills and can proficiently use the latest software programs for completing their job proficiently.


A VA needs to be comfortable in doing multiple tasks at a time as requested by the client.


VAs can set their working hours but sometimes they should be ready to complete the last-minute requirements of clients or work on the weekends. But they can take up jobs as per their availability and ensure smooth functioning.

Sometimes a client may need a VA to perform some jobs specific to his skill set rather than the generic jobs. In such a scenario, it helps the candidate to work on his skills and gain a better experience. This can help in earn better in the future projects that he would be taking up.

Virtual assistants are independent contractors so they have the privilege of working for more than one client based on his availability.

Payment Methods:

We pay via direct bank transfer, UPI mode, or Paypal once the job is completed successfully.

What services can be expected from a virtual assistant?

Here are the services that a virtual assistant can do:

  1. Converting PDF to MS Excel or Word
  2. CRM Data Entry
  3. Online or Offline Data Entry
  4. Formatting and Editing a document
  5. Sending out emails
  6. Creating an email list in excel or Google spreadsheet
  7. Verification of emails
  8. Conversion of an image to excel
  9. Getting contact details from the websites
  10. Web scraping
  11. Any type of copy-paste tasks
  12. Simple typing works in MS Excel or word
  13. Data Scraping
  14. Collection of data from LinkedIn
  15. Listing out products on an E-commerce site
  16. Typing content from Excel to word document
  17. Researching data related to properties.
  18. Conversion of JPEG to Excel or Word
  19. Typing the bank statement into an excel file.
  20. Researching data relating to real estate for name, email, contact, and similar details.
  21. Business Card Entry
What are the essential qualities of a virtual assistant?

Here are some of the important characteristics of a virtual assistant that you must look for before hiring:

  1. Quick turnaround time.
  2. Responsive to messages, calls, and emails to ensure that no task is missed out.
  3. Regularly updating on the work progress to the concerned person.
  4. Availability in the particular hours as discussed while hiring. It varies as per the client's requirements.
  5. Check the track record of his previous work to know how satisfied his clients were.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.What does the virtual assistant job involve?

A virtual assistant is mainly responsible for providing administrative services to his clients. He works remotely from his office or home and schedules appointments, makes phone calls, travel arrangements, and manages emails.

2.What are the skills needed to become a virtual assistant?

A person who intends to become a virtual assistant should have word processing skills, oral communication, writing, and computer skills. He must be self-motivated and disciplined, a quick thinker, an efficient decision-maker, and should be keen to learn new things whenever needed.

3.Where can you apply for virtual assistant jobs?

You can apply for a virtual assistant in various freelancing platforms to securely work for your clients. It is extremely important that you do not opt for lucrative offers provided by some unknown firms as those are most probably traps to extract money from you.

4.What programs are generally used by virtual assistants?

VAs often use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hootsuite, Buffer, RecurPost, Tailwind, and others. They use Google Drive and Dropbox for storing data in the cloud. Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, are some of the productivity software used by them. They also use LeadPages for lead generation and other websites like WordPress.


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