About Content Writing Jobs

Content writing jobs are one of the highly demanded jobs today. It is important because every organization needs the right content to build trust in the potential customers, generate leads, and earn loyal consumers that help their business flourish in the long run. May it be technology, travel, food, fashion, or anything else, a firm needs content to thrive.

Popular types of content writers who are hired for content writing jobs:
  1. Bloggers
  2. Brand journalist
  3. Copywriter
  4. Ghostwriter
  5. Technical writer
  6. Social media writer
  7. Email writer
  8. Scriptwriter
How does it work?
1. Check the available jobs:

As described above, there are various types of content writing jobs which you can check on our website and choose the option which best suits your skillset.

2. Begin the process of application:

After selecting a job, you need to send your job application online. This application will be screened through a multi-level review system before being screened for recruitment.

3. Get payment after completing the job:

Once you are hired, there will be a short training session which you need to attend. Then you are good to start. You will be getting paid via Paypal or other payment modes once the job is completed successfully.

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Here are a few things needed for you to be eligible for any of the part-time jobs on our website:

1. A laptop/ personal computer:

A PC/laptop with Windows or Mac is required for completing the work which you will be assigned to after being hired.

2. Good internet connectivity:

Make sure that you have a good internet connection as the work needs to be done online and submitted. High-speed broadband connectivity is better.

3. Background check:

We need to investigate your background, so you should be ready to sign a release that will allow us to do that. This is for addressing the security requirements of our clients. You need to sign a release only when we will connect with you directly.


Some of the benefits of working with us:

  1. Earn by working from home. For the content writing jobs, you will get to learn while earning as you need to research on the topics which will also enhance your research skills.
  2. It is a great opportunity for the housewives and others who want a part-time income.
  3. Association with us on our reliable platform to strengthen your career on something you are good at.
  4. You can take up jobs as per your availability so there will be no workload unless you are free to take up some.
  5. Our site lets you fix your price for the work you will be doing. For example, you can fix the sample pricing for each piece of content that you will be delivering, to 100 INR.
Why it is important to hire the skilful content creators?

Whether it is small organizations, startups, or larger businesses, everyone needs the right kind of content to flourish. It is because the content is used for creating awareness about the brand and its products or services. So, in a market with cutthroat competition, it is extremely important to deliver the audience the right kind of content they are looking for so as to add value to the time invested by them.

Content creators are needed everywhere by the government as well as private bodies like the real estate sector, educational sector, marketing, finance, and legal sectors too. Based on your requirement, you can hire writers having specialization in the respective niche.

Tips to follow while hiring a content writer:
  1. Hire a professional having a good track record with positive client reviews. This will show his reliability.
  2. He should be able to strictly follow the guidelines and customize the content as per your requirement.
  3. Should adhere strictly to deadlines to avoid unnecessary delays.
  4. The writer must provide unique, plagiarism free content.
  5. Should be creative enough to spark curiosity among the readers, when needed.
  6. The writer should be friendly with SEO and must be able to customize pages.
  7. Make sure that the writer is responsive so he can quickly reply to your queries and efficiently meet your requirements.
Take Away

We are one of the most reliable online job portals where you can find easy to do and simple jobs for doing them in your free time and earning a good amount. This is a huge opportunity for the college-going students, housewives or even the working professionals to earn a handsome amount from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.What is the most important aspect you need to look in a content writer?

The writer should be able to create plagiarism free content in the provided deadline.

2.Why is it important for writers to abide by SEO rules?

This is important especially for web content because the keywords used in the content helps in ranking of the webpage. There are inbound and outbound links also used for the same. Google search engine identifies the SEO friendly web pages and ranks them higher than others.

3.Why are ghostwriters needed?

These are the category of content creators who write a piece of article or e-book or similar piece of content which is later published under the name of someone else. In short, they do not get the credit for the content created by them. Often people who need to create e-books, book reviews hire ghost writers.

4.Is it important for a writer to know using WordPress?

This is an added advantage when a content writer knows using WordPRess and other tools such as Elementor, WP bakery, Divi builder and others for page customization.

5.It is mandatory for a content writer to ensure an error free content?

Yes, the writer can make use of tools like Grammarly and must proof read the article to check if it has the correct logical flow for better efficiency. He must make all efforts to produce error free content.

6.What are some tools that every content writer must use?

Hemmingway editor, Grammarly, Copyscape, are some of the basic tools that should be used for creating unique and error free content having better readability.

7.Are there some basic rates for content creators?

No, the rates charged by the content writers completely depend on their skill set, expertise in a niche and the years of experience. Knowledge of tools like WordPress and others is an added advantage.

Also, based on the requirements of the clients, they fix the prices. Hence there are no standardized rates for content writers.

8.Why web content has to be plagiarism free?

This is extremely important because high quality content is always unique and the search engine rank sites with such content higher