About Copy Paste Jobs

Copy Pasting is one of the easiest online jobs that involves posting classified ads. It can help you earn extra income. It doesn't need you to spend long continuous hours in front of your computer. If you can spare a few hours, you are good to go.

How does it works?

You generally have to open an account and use software to make your Copy Pasting work easier. The ads created need to be posted on websites so that the visitors can see them and get tempted to click them for knowing more. It gets more visitors to the website.

To get the Copy Paste Jobs on our website, here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Scroll through the available Copy Paste Jobs and choose the one on which you would like to work.
  2. Fill up the application form online.
  3. Your application will be evaluated through various phases before shortlisting.
  4. Once you are shortlisted for the job, you will need to start working on it and do the needful in the set deadline.
  5. Submit your work to receive the payment that has been agreed upon while accepting the job.
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What has to be done in the Copy Paste Jobs?

In these jobs, you need to copy a certain ad content, search for “free classifieds” in Google. Then the free classified website has to be opened where you can post them by clicking the “post free ad” button. The copied content needs to be pasted into the classified website to post the ads. Then you just need to copy the web address where the ads have been successfully posted. The payment for this will be made on the number of such posted ads.

How are Copy Paste Jobs useful?

Useful ads pushed in the websites help people know more about the product that may trigger their buying behaviour as they will be redirected to the product page on clicking it. This helps in revenue generation for the product firms.


The eligibility criteria for an Copy Pasting job are not many. All you need is:

  1. A PC or laptop.
  2. A fairly good writing ability.
  3. Knowledge of the internet and computer.
  1. Easy way to earn by spending a few hours doing the job.
  2. Flexibility to take work as per your availability.
  3. With enough experience, you can set a price for the work and negotiate with clients when needed.
  4. Consistently good performance can help you sustain a long term relationship with clients and hence get your more jobs easily.
Why do you need to hire an experienced person for Copy Pasting?

Ads play a major role by creating a positive impression on the viewers. It takes just a few seconds for a person to decide if they will continue in your webpage or will divert away, so the right kind of ads besides the right landing page will help in preventing high bounce rates in websites of any organization.

Persons who are experienced in Copy Pasting help you to promote your business services and products. You can hire them for any niche such as real estate, electronics, pet care, automotive, and others to easily reach out to the masses with less expenses.

People doing this job often manually post the ads on different classified websites which have a high ranking in the search engine based on the location of their target audience. This results in a good exposure of the brand, its products, or services to the people, which results in an increase in sales. The product awareness significantly increases with it.

Advantages of hiring experienced people for Copy Paste Jobs are as follows:
  1. They can ensure quick and reliable live ads.
  2. Better outcomes assure 100% satisfaction.
  3. Quick growth of the business by the expansion of customer base.
  4. Better generation of profit through enhanced sales with less investment.
  5. Web traffic increases with a higher number of sign-ups.
  6. Introducing new products in the same brand becomes easy owing to the established market presence.
What to focus on while hiring a person for Copy Pasting?

Here are a few parameters to check while hiring someone for an Copy Pasting job:

  1. Check his past performance by going through the reviews provided by clients. One with genuinely good reviews is generally trustworthy.
  2. Ask him for his experience which will assure you regarding the positive outcome with his professional and high-quality ad design.
  3. It is better if he provides you with a complete proof report for tracking their ad submission.
  4. He should provide you with the source file at the end with an HD image. If the person is providing you with more design and size variations, that's even better.
  5. Should be able to stick to your delivery. Basically, he should have a quick turnaround time.
  6. Should be responsive and available to answer your queries in less time.
  7. Besides Copy Pasting, if you need posts on social media platforms also, check his proficiency in the same because most people are available actively on Instagram and Twitter, and hence these form an easy way of reaching out to many people
  8. Explain all your requirements and see if he can provide you with customized designs along with the type of colors you want in the banners or ads to fulfill your requirements.
  9. His work should be unique and free from any plagiarism when you need ads for promoting your brand or startup.
Payment Methods:

We have various payment methods used for sending money to candidates who complete the jobs. These include direct account transfer, NEFT, UPI, or even PayPal.


Copy Paste Jobs are quite interesting. Everyone can take it as part-time jobs for earning more. When done well, this job pays well unlike most other jobs and doesn't involve a lot of paperwork. Want to try it and see how it works? Then try applying for the Copy Paste Jobs on our website.