More Parttime Jobs Available For you:

Data Entry Jobs

Starts at $6 - Rs.500/- per Job

This involves posting classified ads on the websites to increase traffic by grabbing the attention of the website visitors to click on the ads. Posting the free classified ads is quite easy and you will be paid on the number of ads posted. Want to try it and see how it works? Then try applying for the Data Entry Jobs on our website.

Content Writing Jobs

Starts at $20 - Rs.1500/- per Job

Content writing jobs are one of the highly demanded jobs today. It is important because every organization needs the right content to build trust in the potential customers, generate leads, and earn loyal consumers that help their business flourish in the long run.

Online Typing Jobs

Starts at $12 - Rs.1000/- per Job

This generally involves the data entry or document typing jobs which needs a person to have a good typing speed with good internet connectivity and a desktop. You just need to spare your free hours here and start earning easily.

Translation Jobs

Starts at $7 - Rs.500/- per Job

Know more than one language? Do you have a degree or certification in the same, then you can choose one of the various translation jobs on our platform. If you are an experienced translator, you can set your base price and can get better chances gradually, thus earning more.

Survey Jobs

Starts at $5 - Rs.400/- per survey

It is a kind of market research where you gather the opinion of the target audience through the use of questionnaires and forms. The data collected through these are further subjected to analysis for deriving conclusions.

Tutoring Jobs

Starts at $10 - Rs.750/- per day

This job involves teaching various subjects to the students online that became very common since the pandemic and it was the only safe way to learn by staying at home.You get a chance to earn while sharing your knowledge with the students.

Video & Animation Jobs

Starts at $50 - Rs.4000/- per job

Multimedia artists have an amazing career scope. In the online job opportunities, they need to show professionalism, integrity, and multi-task to meet the deadlines provided by the client. It needs investing some time and effort for completing the job but helps you earn a handsome amount.

Music & Audio Jobs

Starts at $30 - Rs.2500 per job

Jobs in music and audio are very dynamic in nature. Do you now how to read the scores and develop specialized skills in composing, performing, and conducting ? if yes, this helps them not just to earn a handsome amount but also enjoy their job.

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Recently Posted Talents

Surbhi Chauhan

Data Entry Work Accurate As Well As On Time. What Else You Need

Hi. This is Surbhi currently studying while seeking a part time jobs and earning side by side. I am currently pursuing Ph.D.  I have good typing skills as well as...

Business & Support
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I Will Do Professional Copywriting Or Print Copy As Per Your Requirements

Content plays a major role today in keeping the audience engaged, and build the credibility of the firm so that the audience finds it reliable. Unique content with great ideas...

Content Writing Jobs
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Devesh Soni

Surveys Making And Analyzing Them, Typing And Writing, Creator And Observer

I can make and analyse surveys. I can create the surveys very well related to online shopping, reviews, payments, opinions etc. I can analyze the survey very well and make...

Online Survey Jobs
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Sushmitha Kl

I Accurately Give You English To Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese,Germany And Hindi.

Hi, I Will Accurately Translate The Hindi, Spanish, Germany ,Arabic, Japanese, Korean, French, Greek And Italian Content For You In English And Vice Versa. For what reason would it be...

Translation jobs
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I Can Do Data Entry Project For Rs.250/- Per Project

I can add more accurate data in the project with no error or mistake and I have good speed in typing for getting my work done within given period of...

Typing jobs
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