I Can Give A Stunning Content For A Perfect Topic.

Posted By: Ankita Mishra

About this Talent:

The question is why should you hire me ?when there are no. Of people seeking for this opportunity . So, writing is my passion and I believe that the work is done perfectly when the one pays interest and attention in that, although no interest is bigger than passion . I can fulfill your requirement of a beautiful content when i'm searching for a perfect topic to write over. so, I feel that I can do this job with full interest and perfection within the time limit. 

Although it's my first ever experience applying for any job,but I do believe that I can surely do this nicely and can fulfill the need of  the topic .A  content should be attractive and eye catching , so the reader can pay attention towards that , and the basic requirement of a content is the words used for elaborating the topic . Words are the necessity of the content and the topic , the way of expressing thoughts in words towards the topic is the soul of the content . Our main motive is to attract someone to read the content without skiping a single word and that is possible only when , an interesting content is decorated with beautiful words. I just need an opportunity to prove myself ,my interest and dedication towards my passion , I want an opprtunity to polish my passion into profession which is the best thing one can do with full dedication and interest. Our hardwork is the reflection of our interest and dedication towards our goal. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs. 500 Duration : 1 day
Location: Rs.India Languages Known : english , hindi
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