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Posted By: Zara Khan

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I'm zara, as b.com graduate from osmania university. Though for posting the content to hire me. As i write the Articles,  blogs,  speeches, essay, stories and writing Content for any topic.

So, below are my project on Article writing on the topic "HEALTH IS WEALTH".


"Health Is Wealth" in terms it refers as your health is your wealth. First is health other things wiil be next. If you think that wealth is precious and most important than health then you are wrong. Because, Health Is the first thing that matters the most rather then other things. So, Health Is the precious and most important thing in this world from other things.

If you have good health then you can do everything. For having good health by performing some activities such as doing regular exercise, drinking a lot of water, doing yoga and asana, swimming, walking, skipping, and mostly eating healthy foods which are high in proteins, calories, fibers, minerals, iron and calcium. As these contains in green leafs, eggs, milk, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, etc. Which are very good for health for maintaining a good health.

Person having good health can live moreover day's in their aged day's. If a person is not healthy, they fail to feel happy. If a person is healthy then they will work hard to achieve her goal and wealth. Good health leads to good life. It is very essential to have a good poster for good health for a  better good life. 

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Job Price:1500 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Hyderabad Languages Known : english , hindi
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