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Posted By: Pavneet

About this Talent:

Why am I the perfect fit for the job?

There are a plethora of ways to marketing content, but blogs and articles have their unique importance. Unlike other methods, blogs and articles provide a more comprehensive view of your products and services. Not only this, they can focus on various topics that may appeal to different users at the same time.

Now, to produce such comprehensive articles and blogs, it is imperative to design a content strategy. And no one knows it better than a content writer.

So, I can help you design and write the optimised state of the art content related to various niches such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Business studies
  • Automotive
  • Fashion
  • Law
  • And many more!
Here are my article deliverables
  • Thoroughly researched
  • Well-organized
  • Grammar checked
  • Plagiarism free
  • Unique
  • SEO optimized

I include high quality, authoritative links in the articles that will help you raise the authority of your website. Moreover, the blogs written by me include all the references that I have used to produce the article. I understand that visuals are essential to convey the idea, so I include well-suited images and graphics in my articles to make them communicative.

If you want to make an impact on your audience via well-written content pieces, get in touch with me for samples.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Perks of Having me for the Article and Blogs Job

It is an art to write perfect articles and blogs. One needs to have a keen interest in writing. Apart from this, one should know about all the essentialities of being the best writer and blogger. There is a long list of the skills that a writer should have. So, here I am writing about all the skills that I possess.

1. Content Writing Skills

The majority of people may be good writers. But, there are some special features that make an article or blog appreciable and profitable. I have the potential to write content considering all the SEO points. I have been writing for 7 years years now and have learnt all the ifs and buts of content writing. I have expertise in understanding the demand and choices of readers. Moreover, I have learnt everything about google requirements.

2. Social Networking

Social media is the biggest platform to distribute and dissipate information. I have a great reach in my social media, and I know very well how to increase my followers and monetize my content. I have been writing blogs and articles for a long time. Moreover, I have used my social media to grow my network and spread my knowledge all over.

3. Understanding the Audience

I am pretty well aware of the needs of society. I know what the readers prefer to invest their time in. So, I have the ability to write in a manner that my content will surely be loved and appreciated by the community. Besides, I can write my articles and blogs considering all the generations of the readers and can make them fall in love with my content.

4. Motivation

Motivation is required throughout life. Therefore, a blogger or a writer needs to stay motivated and enthusiastic to come up with great content. I have a keen interest to learn and write. Apart from this, I find motivation everywhere in every person. I can learn from my competitors and influencer bloggers. This makes me eligible to create content that would do wonders. My blogs and articles can easily influence people and make them crave more.

5. Photo Editing

Readers get more attracted towards the articles and the blogs that merely do not have great content, instead have pictures added to the same. Adding images to the content makes it more catchy and interesting. I know where to download the pictures from and how to edit them to make my article more eye captivating. This technique helps in making the article rank higher as per SEO.

Note: Before you place an order, you can simply drop me a message if you have any sort of queries regarding this gig. It will help both of us to come up with a great deal.

FAQs about my Articles and Blogs Job Gig
1. Do you write manually or use any software?

I do not use any spinning software or tools. Besides, I write manually and create content of my own. I write my articles and blogs as per the SEO requirements. So you do not have to worry about the quality of the content.

2. Do you provide images with the article ?

Yes, I do provide images with the articles. But this will only be done at your request. If you do not ask me to add images, I would just deliver well-written content. Furthermore, if I have to use images in the article, I download them from royalty-free websites.

3. Do you offer any discount packages ?

Well, if you offer me work in bulk, I will surely offer a suitable discount package. Thus, the discount depends upon the quantity of work.

4. Can you work with custom orders ?

That’s even better. This way, we can work more efficiently and create a more specialized product for you. You can just let me all the information and I will work as per your requirements.

5. Can you deliver in other languages ?

Yes, I have expertise in writing in multiple languages. I can efficiently write in French, Spanish, German and Russian languages.

6. Can your content accelerate my company’s lead generation ?

Of course, yes! I can adjust and scale outputs to meet your goals. I have the ability to generate organic traffic, improve awareness, and improve search rankings. Basically, I can ensure you to do everything you want, and at the specified time you want.

7. How involved will I be in the gig?

It will entirely depend upon you how much involvement you want to show. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.1000/- for 1000 words Duration : 2 days
Location: Rs.Chandigarh, India Languages Known : english
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