If You Give Me An Opportunity Then I Can Copcopywriting Your Project Neatly

Posted By: Sandali Shehara

About this Talent:

I have a great ability after doing typing job.I can work using Ms word ,excel .I can do the work very quickly and send it. I can work in full time . Because i am a post AL student . So I can work quickly .I would like to join your company and work with you .please apologize me and join with you. I want to earn mony . Because my parents can't give money for my university studies . Because they earn small salary . I have two siblings . They were study at school . Then our parents can't give money for us . Then I finding a job vacancy . Then I can earn money and can study very well. My future ambition is to be a engineer . I studied in maths streem . Then I can typing any other project in your company. I want to give good service to your company and earn money for my studies 

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Sri Lanka Languages Known : english
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