I Can Post 2 Contents Per Day On Various Different Websites For 700/- Only

Posted By: Aishwarya Saahu

About this Talent:

I’m a writer, i write unique poems, pure content on most topics, shayaris and lyrics etc. It’s my passion, given an opportunity, i might never disappoint you. I’ve had a writer page on instagram where people loved my work. I can work in groups. I write whatever i have experienced in my past, mostly motivational and sad content but also inspirational and happy content. My emotions give life to my write-ups. Thank you for your time! To go in detail, I’m a college going student that works on self-development, healing, health wellness. I want to work towards being financially independent as a lady in the society. I’ve started writing when something huge happened and was still ongoing in my life because it gave me a sense of self, it gained back my self-esteem and relieved me of my suffering, not to mention healed me in many different ways. I hope i got your love. Thank you, again!

Salient Features:
Job Price:700 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Karnataka Languages Known : english , hindi
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