How To Focus On Studies Without Being Disturbed In This Busy World ???

Posted By: Priya Pandey

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Studying is tough whether you're a veteran student getting a Ph.d or someone starting high school.

In this disturbing world it is very hard to focus on one thing .The social media is one of the main cause f.or lacking in studying .So let's found to how to focused and tuned in study.

  1. CAUSE FOR NOT FOCUSING ON STUDY'S: Study is  important to make us independent financially and give us confidence but in this disturbing world it is very to concentrate on study there are many social networking sites which attracts our attention because of which our generation is distributed.
  2. SOLUTION : try to avoid social media as much as possible.
  3. Concentrate on the Key points of the subject's.
  4. Try to study in the enclosed room.
  5. Start taking brakes of atleast 10 minutes while studying for atleast half an hour.

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