I Do Data Entry Work Accuratly And Fast With Low Cost

Posted By: Fajisa

About this Talent:

I do data entry work accuratly before the  deadline.if u need an asistant to complete your work by maintaining quality and meeting then you are at the right place.if u need your work complete fast at low cost


I am fajisa i completed my graduation in polymer chemistry.at the time my subsidiery language was computer science  and maths.after i will joining mypost graduation in calicit universiry in chemistry.at this time i am study b e d proffiossional course.at the time of graduation i do data entry work accuratly and fastly and submit at the corect  time schedule  and asist my professor at that time.

Salient Features:
Job Price:750/- Duration : 2 Hours
Location: Rs.Kallikkandy Languages Known : english
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