I Can Type 500 Words For Rupees 500 And My Work Will Be Accurately Done Within Limited Time.

Posted By: Harpreet kaur

About this Talent:

I can do my work accurately as we all know there is possibility of error in typing but i can assure you for my accurate work.I am a professional so u can choose me for work.

I do my work honestly and with hard work.I want one chance to prove myself by completing your work.

As i said i am a professional so work done by me would be prefessionally.

I will be thankful to you for giving me that opportunity.Typing needs ypur concentration and focused mind.I have both these qualities.Also i like typing so i do my work with much more interest.If you want your work accurate and timely done please consider me as I won't disappoint you.Data entry work is much more interesting work for me.

As it requires a lot of concentration and focus of ours so it makes it more challenging.I always been interested towards data entry and same kind of works.Now i find this opportunity through online sources so i don't want to skip this opportunity.Price told by me can change according to work and requirements.

Data entry work need proper attention and hard work.I am a hardworking person.I can type 70 words per minute.It will be great to work with your organization if u select me.Data entry work has a lot of challenges that i like most and that makes it interesting.

Data entry operator responsibilities include collecting and entering data in databases and maintaining accurate records of valuable company information.I have  essential data entry skills,like fast typing with an eye for detail and familarity with spreadsheets and online forms.Entering customer and account data from source documents within time limits is great challenge and i can do it efficiently.Compiling,verifying accuracy and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry is a need for data entry operator.

Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors,correcting any incompatibilities and checking output sholud  be properly done.I will complete my work within appropriate time according to your requirement.A successful data entry operator will be responsible for maintaining accurate, up to date and useable information in systems. Also it includes research and obtain further information for incomplete documents.It requires generating reports,store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations.I also well known to keep information confidential,respond to queries for information and access relevant files.

I have to comply with data integrity and security policies,ensure proper use of office equipment and address any malfunctions.My experience with Ms office and data programs will help me very well.I can manage my typing speed and accuracy as well.I am also familiar with administrative duties.

I have excellent knowledge of correct spelling,grammar and punctuation.Confedentiality is also required while doing data entry work.I also have organization skills with an ability to stay focused on assigned tasks.My qualifications and my experience will help me a lot for doing my work effectively.So if u feel me fit for your work then take a chance with my knowledge and experience.I won't disappoint you.Thanks for your time and attention towards me.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 rupees for 500 words Duration : As per your requirement
Location: Rs.Punjab Languages Known : english , hindi
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