I Can Do My Best If You Give Me A Opportunity

Posted By: Krishnapriya

About this Talent:

I'm just 15 years old , anyways age is just a number . It's not about the looks it's about the work .

Like people says that don't judge a book by it's cover . If anyone have a talent they should show out but all don't get that opportunity .

If anyone wants something they have to put effort on that then only they will get but some are there they don't do anything and they are always restless , that's not the solution if you have a problem try to solve it every problems has a solutions so seek for it .

Don't worry about what others says they will only say , you have to show to them who you are and what I can do that's where you stand .

Throw all the negatives and take the positives . Because you only know who you are and what you will be . Stay positive and stay strong .

Don't let anyone to push you down . If they push also get up stand straight walk .

Work hard and that's sure you will get the result for your hard work . Without hard work no one in this world will get nothing .

Life will put you in many worst situation but we have to survive that . The problems now you face will become good things . So don't be down get up chase for what you want . Work.hard you will get it .

If you give a opportunity to do this I will make sure that I will do my best.

Thank you

Salient Features:
Job Price:per page 100/- Duration : 1 day
Location: Rs.Kerala,Kannur,Thalassery Languages Known : english , tamil
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