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Posted By: Elegbeleye Damilola

About this Talent:

I am a graduate of Literature in English. I have been taught to make good use of appropriate capitalization, punctuation and tenses where necessary. I am not the fastest when it comes to typing but I am available to perform as much task as possible.

I have never done typing as a job but I have typed bothpublic and  personal  documents. I was the Registra of Foundation Bible School where I did a lot of data entry because I was responsible for putting down the names of over three hundred students and I also entered the names of over fifty teachers into the the school's data base. I was responsible to ensuring that these names are updated from time to time.

In 2023, I was responsible for keeping the data of the youth in my local church. I have done this for over eight months.

Data entry is something I have done as a routine task but I have never commercialized it. Your platform offers me the opportunity to make some money from a task that is natural to me.

Salient Features:
Job Price:100 Duration : 1 hour
Location: Rs.Nigeria Languages Known : english
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