I Can Post 1 Data Entry Project Per Day On A Classified Website

Posted By: Niharika Singh

About this Talent:

As I am good in typing and digital work I can do all data entry or data processing projects in given duration and in a proper manner.

As it is very beneficial in today's time to more people who do stuff like that.

Also to have a good digital life you should do this work and am always interested in digital services or whatever related to digital.

So please consider my following and talent for this amazing work you all are doing and also consider me.

As j have been experienced in typing and in it for more than a year I have confidence that I can do all these work and things properly and kindly.

Digital and in real life you can make life easy and As people are not much aware of online power we have responsibility to make sure people are good in digital life too rather than only making hustle into a real world.

So I really want to you to make me consider for this work and upcoming projects.


Salient Features:
Job Price:1500 Duration : 2 hours
Location: Rs.Rajasthan Languages Known : english
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