How to Use Amazon Affiliate Program - Step by Step Guide

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How to Use Amazon Affiliate Program - Step by Step Guide

How to Use Amazon Affiliate Program - Make Money with Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces and it also offers an opportunity to small business owners especially online marketers. And that opportunity is well-known as the Amazon Affiliate program.

Learning how to use Amazon associates program is easy and simple and also one of many sites of Amazon affiliate can gain the profit by linking products of Amazon from the trusted online seller or retailer.  

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

This program is based on the revenue sharing scheme. If Amazon consists of products and wants to get high sales on it then Amazon offers incentives or we can say commission to promoters via Amazon Affiliate program. Being an Amazon marketer, people can promote a product and can earn decent money from it as an Amazon affiliate marketer. This program allows you to link hundreds of thousands of products from your site so that you can get a commission when anyone makes Amazon purchases via your promotion.  

The Amazon affiliate program mostly attracts marketers and small business owners and also makes Amazon associates and then each Amazon affiliate becomes a part of a global marketplace. No matter, whether a small business or a particular Amazon associate is looking for an advantage of the Amazon affiliate program as there are various opportunities to generate revenue. Advertisement

When you become a member of the Amazon affiliate program, you gain the access to use a wide range of tools that includes marketing and analytics to make sure you can maximize your earning potential.

If you want to earn money from this program then have a look at the step-by-step process to become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer.

Step – 1 :  Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program 

 To sign up and become an Amazon affiliate is very simple and easy. You need to simply go to the Amazon Associates sign-up page and click on “Join Now”. You need to sign in on the Amazon account before proceeding (But if you don’t have an account on Amazon then you can create a new account on it). Then you need to enter your account information that includes your details of the website, payment recipient and some more additional personal details. Then Amazon will evaluate your acceptance into its program and notify when approved at their end.

Step – 2 :  Get Amazon Affiliate Links

It is easy to find links in Amazon affiliate programs. To make a text link you need to go to your affiliate home screen, type in the search bar to get the product that you want to link to, click on “Get Link,” choose the tab for “Text Only”, and can edit the text you want to show with your associate link. Now choose the button for “Short Link” and then can copy and paste the link and enter into your post just like you would any non-affiliate link.

And if you want to insert an image link in your website or post then you need to just search for the product which you want to link from your Amazon affiliate home screen after you log in and click on “Get Link,” and choose the “Image Only” tab. Make use of the drop-down menu to the left of any product image to choose whether you want to link to a large, medium, or small version of the image and then click the “Highlight HTML” at the bottom of the screen and then copy the selected HTML code.

Step – 3 :  Amazon associates product links in your post

 Amazon affiliate program is one of the simplest programs to use in place of inserting the links in your posts. In the text links, you need to do is to use your copied link from the step that you have performed and put it into your post such as you would any other page link. Just click on the paper clip link tool, paste the URL and adjust any settings as you want and click on the return arrow to add the link to your text.

Step – 4 :  View your earnings and clicks on the Amazon associate dashboard

To view your earnings and clicks within the Amazon associates program, log in to your account and scroll down to the product search bar. You will see a window named “Earnings Overview” and a window to the right side named “summary for this month.” This appears a simple image of the number of clicks via your links that you received and also the earning made by you.   

Follow these steps and get ready to make a decent income while enjoying your life by using Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. Also, you can earn more if you become an affiliate for SellerApp.

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