5 Easy steps to Create A Free Blog On Blogspot.Com

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5 Easy steps to Create A Free Blog On Blogspot.Com

Step By Step Guide To Create A Free Blog On Blogspot.Com

 Starting your own blog is a superb idea. You can share your thoughts, knowledge, and information through your own blogs. You can create your audience, engage with them, and try to connect with them through your content.

And, if you create good content and generate a good amount of traffic, you can start earning with your blogs too. But, to create your own blog, you need to purchase the domain, purchase a hosting plan, and you might need a designer to design your own website. And, when you are new to blogging and just starting to write some blogs, you don't want to spend your hard-earned money on all these things. You should start your blog for free.

Yes, you heard it right. You should start for free.

With the help of blogspot.com, you can start your blog for absolutely free. Many of the new bloggers start their blogging career with the BlogSpot because it is free. And, after getting a lot of confidence in blogging and building a potential audience, they move to a different blogging platform. Advertisement

So, my friends today you will learn how you can create a free blog on Blogspot.com.

What is Blogspot.com:

BlogSpot.com is the best platform for all the people who want to create a blog with spending a penny on it. Blogspot.com is a sub-domain provider that can help you to create your own subdomain for free of cost. You just need a Google account to create your own subdomain with the BlogSpot.com.

How to create blog with BlogSpot:
Step 1:

To create your free blog, you need to first go to BlogSpot.com. When you search BlogSpot.com on Google, it will redirect you to Blogger.com. So, don’t bounce back, because your entire blogging website will run on Blogger.com.

BlogSpot.com is a kind of free subdomain provider. Whereas, Blogger.com is a kind of hosting service for BlogSpot.com and all the subdomains are hosting on Blogger.com.

So, next time when you search BlogSpot.com and redirected to Blogger.com, don’t get confused.

Step 2:

Click on the “CREATE YOUR BLOG” button. This button will take you to a login page, and you need to login with an existing Google account.

No need to worry if you don’t have a Google account. You can easily create a Google account for free of cost. Just click on the “Create Account” and sign up from there. It will just take five minutes to set up a Google account.

Step 3:

After login with a Google account, this website will take you to the “Create a new blog” page. Here you can give a title to your blog. You can choose any title you want for your blog. But, make sure that it is under 100 characters as per the Blogspot. And, for an SEO point of view, you need to create a title of 50-60 characters and don’t forget to add your primary keyword in it.

Don’t worry much about the title, you can edit the title later from your admin dashboard.

Step 4:

After choosing your title, it will ask you to create your own subdomain. You need to choose your own subdomain that can relate to your blog. Your subdomain should be unique because BlogSpot.com won’t allow you to choose an existing subdomain.

Step 5:

After selecting your Subdomain, it will ask you to create a Display Name for your blog.

After filling up all the details, it will take you to your admin dashboard. With the help of the admin dashboard, you can create and edit your own blogging website.

You can choose themes, change the layout, view your pages, check your stats, earnings, edit your page, and access your setting with this admin dashboard. It provides a lot of customization options, now it is up to you, and you can design your own free blogging website according to your preference.

To access your live blog page, click to the “View Your Blog” button on the top left side of the menu panel.

Your free BlogSpot.com blog is now live. You can use it to test your blogging skill, follow your passion, share your knowledge, and to build your audience.

BlogSpot.com provides free subdomains. But, after building an audience and gain some confidence, you can purchase your own domain and redirect your free BlogSpot blog to your custom domain.

You can also shift to other platforms. But, for the initial phase of your blogging career, BlogSpot.com is one of the best free blogging platforms that you can use to nurture your blogging skills.

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