What Is SEO? How Does It work

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What Is SEO? How Does It work

What Is SEO? How Does It work

Do you want to understand SEO and its working? Want to grab knowledge about SEO marketing, its tips, tricks and tactics and how to apply them for your business? Then here is the simple guide for you to get answers to all your questions.

You can make the simple definition of SEO an effective procedure which can generate a long-term result and success. Even if you don’t have experience of in-house SEO associates, you can start creating some positive changes that can help you in improving your presence on search engines. With the help of bit SEO knowledge, you can be on the way to improve any brand’s search engine ranking in less time.   

So, let’s dive deeper to get the answer to the million-dollar question that is what is SEO and how it works.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a digital marketing process which focuses on the presence of your website in  Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. And also to get paid or unpaid traffic from the search engine result pages. Advertisement

When you come to know how SEO works then you can make use of various tactics to increase the visibility or achieve a higher rank in search results.

In other words, the meaning of SEO involves making some changes to the designing of your website and content that makes the website more attractive on a search engine. Usually, people do this with the hope that search engines will display their website as a top result on the search engine result pages.

Although, SEO meaning and its marketing seem complex because of various factors that can affect your ranking but the procedure for search engine optimization is simpler than it appears to be. Search engines want to provide best possible services to their users, which means delivering results on the pages of search engines which are not only of high quality but also relevant to what the user is looking for.

To achieve this, search engines will crawl or scan various websites to better understand the working of the site. It helps in delivering more relevant results to the users who are looking for certain keywords or topics. In the same way, the search engines scan the site to know how simple and easy it is to read and navigate, and rewards user-friendly sites with high ranks on SERPs.

SEO can be categorized into two buckets:

  • On-page SEO: All on-page SEO strategies performed on the website.
  • Off-page SEO: All off-page SEO strategies performed off the website.

Both off-page and on-page SEO are used to make the website more friendly and trustworthy for both search engines and users. When crawlers of search engines found the website friendly for them as well as for users then it increases the chances of the site to achieve better ranks for various searches. 

How does it work?

In the technical term, search engines have spiders in the form of automated robots. These spiders collect all types of data or information about the website and all the pages of the website that make up the website. This permits them to easily identify when to serve a user or a searcher a page on the website. The spiders analyze and collect data like title tags, page speed, internal linking, social signals, backlinks, etc. 

With more than 200 ranking factors that are used by Google in its algorithm, there are a lot of more things to consider and actions which can be performed to try to optimize a site. There are both off-page and on-page ranking factors which determine how well the website is optimized and hence how well it ranks. 

The factors of on-page are exactly what they sound like, the things that are actually on the page. It includes content, title tag, URLs, website speed, image alt tags, and more. Meanwhile, off-page factors are almost based on links to your site from other sites.

It is essential to keep in mind that these bots are not actual humans, they are automated computer programs.  

Final thoughts

SEO is an ever-evolving, never-ending, multidimensional process. Every SEO would like to know the instant formula for the SEO process that explains how SEO works with concrete equations on the table and specific rules.

But, SEO is too complex to fit. Though it evolves around certain rules and principles, whose internal working process is all about analyzing and applying methods which work for all kinds of business. But do not forget to keep a close eye on your business competitors and then you can definitely get success in search results.

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