How to promote your website or product through Facebook — Easy Steps

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How to promote your website or product through Facebook — Easy Steps

How to promote your website or product through Facebook—Easy Steps

You have a great website but not getting enough customers for your product and services, then there is something you are missing in the process. Maybe, you are not promoting your website on Facebook and that's the reason you are not getting enough traffic.

You may ask, why Facebook?  Facebook comprises almost 900+ million active users alone. Facebook is one of the preeminent social media platforms where you can promote your website or product for free or minimal cost and skyrocket your sales.

But, if you are confused about how you can do it, this article will be quite helpful. To promote your site, you must have to open a Facebook account; once you have done this, you can customize your page according to your business needs, share among fans and run promotions to attract traffic to your website. Let's understand some easy and quite useful methods to promote your website or products through Facebook.

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1. Facebook page for your brand ( website)

You can say this is one of the most important steps. Create a Facebook page for your brand, and your Facebook page is something that people who are actively looking for you on Facebook will see. You can provide lots of information about your brand, including a direct link to your website.


To create a page, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Click on create a page on Facebook business site
  2. Choose an appropriate category from the different options
  3. Fill in the information about the brand.

Your page can contain relevant information about your websites like Url and a description that will help your visitors to understand the motive behind the page. But this is not enough to fetch excellent and new traffic for your website. First, people have to find your page.

2.Add a Facebook button on your website.

There are numerous ways to promote your website with Facebook, and the most straightforward way is to include Facebook buttons on your website. Your editor comes with many different Facebook sharing buttons that you can add to your website.


Facebook sharing buttons include Facebook like, Facebook share, Facebook Follow, and social link bar.


  1. Facebook like button allows your visitors to like and recommend your website on Facebook quickly.
  2. Facebook share button lets your visitors share your website link to others, which helps increase revenue and traffic at the same time.

3.Facebook Follow lets your visitors subscribe to your product, services, and components that you update on Facebook.

4.The social link bar lets you link your visitors directly to your other social media web pages.

3. Promote your page among your customers and followers and target the related communities.

If you are inactive after creating a page, then there will be no benefit. It's important that you have to promote your page among your customers and followers. Still, you will not get any traction until people start following you there. You should be available for your audience because from there you will get leads for your business.


You can add pictures to page photos albums just as you add photos on your profile. People who are already purchasing your products and services most likely to follow you. You can promote your page with them and encourage them to share and like further.

4. Feed content on Facebook

As you start getting a good number of followers, then start feeding content there. Give them something interesting to hook up on your page and brand. So start sharing content on the Facebook backlink to your website. Link to your blog post, youtube videos, podcasts, or anything new and exciting that you create that has value to your users.

Don't forget to link deals or sales that your customers would be interested in - all with links back to your website.

5. Use paid advertising for promotion.

Facebook page is a surpassing way to interact with your followers, and it offers advertising packages that enable page owners to promote their websites and products. You can select whether to pay for the number of times you want to display your ad, or you can pay a view per-click fee.


You can also use advertising to target some demographics, choosing gender, age, and interests. Choose from image ads, video ads, video poll ads, Carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, instant experience ads, lead ads, dynamic ads, messenger ads, etc.


Creating ads on Facebook is fairly simple- the company has built an intuitive platform for its users. For using advertising, there are few necessary steps to keep in mind.

  1. Use targeting
  2. Promote content sites of only products
  3. Pay attention to your analytics.

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Benefits of Promoting Products Through Facebook

Every Facebook page comes with a number of potential benefits for businesses. Also, some of these benefits are pretty similar to having a website, and the number is unique to Facebook. Written below are some of the exceptional benefits list that can help you in increasing sales and profits. Read to know more in detail about these benefits.

It Offers Low-Cost Marketing Strategy

You might be well aware that marketing the website or product through different channels would cost you thousands of dollars. However, this is not the case with Facebook as it aims to provide you best marketing services at a fraction of the cost. Apart from this, Facebook business marketing works ideally for small to medium businesses to increase their sales and revenue while sticking to their budget.

On the other hand, the larger businesses can also help the trial marketing concepts and themes using Facebook. It is useful in cases, especially when you are planning for bigger marketing campaigns. So, you can be free from the worries that your investment in marketing is safe at all costs.

Share Businesses Basic Information

Your Facebook page probably would be the only place where you can easily publicise your business name, contact details and address. Additionally, it allows you to briefly describe all your services and products. You can also talk about your history, staff, and other aspects of the business that can attract customers. Hence, these things will only help you in creating the interest whatever you and generate potential leads.

Share Your Business Videos and Pictures

Facebook not only allows you to post the text, but it also allows you to upload videos and pictures related to or from your business. This can turn out to be a powerful method for communicating with the customer and potential leads and allowing them to see all your products or services without visiting the physical office premises.

Moreover, this application also allows the users to ‘tag’ the photos of your business for indicating if any of your Facebook friends appear in the picture. This function primarily helps businesses to promote their products and services.

Get in Touch With Potential and Existing Clients

Facebook can also be used for conversating with potential and existing customers by receiving and posting messages. But you should not use this application to aggressively promote your services or products through messaging. If you wish to achieve greater success, you should only share the information related to business, services, or products.

Furthermore, you can consider providing information that seems to be interesting for all other users. This will help you in increasing the credibility of your business. Another great thing is that it promotes your business by building long-term relationships with other users.

Provide Customer Support

Facebook allows the customer to post their after-sales question on the Facebook wall of your business page. Also, anyone from your staff can answer those question and provide an enhanced customer support service. This is known to be an efficient method of solving queries then answering the calls. Your customers would have the liability to read the common questions and their answers posted by you. Therefore, the number of queries will be low, and their issues will be resolved without approaching you directly.

Encourage Positive Brand Awareness

It is easy for a person to increase his or her business profile on Facebook. This can be done by encouraging the potential customer the click the “Like” and “Follow” button on your page. Once the customer has liked your page, they will start receiving regular updates on the Facebook wall. Not only this but your brand or business page will be shared with their friend’s wall as well.

This will help build the required awareness for your business and insist your friends get associated with your page. Not only this, but the customers can also post positive messages related to your service, product or business. This review will be shared on their wall, and the business will be promoted automatically.

Targeted advertising

Facebook can help you in analysing the information that most of the users enter into their profiles. All the business page owners can pay to the application for using this information and deliver the targeted advertising to any specific group. This advertising will pop up on their wall, and they will be more likely to click on an advertisement and switch to your website.

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Wrapping up

Facebook is an excellent platform to promote your website and products, but more than this, it allows you to interact with people directly, and it gives you knowledge about who they are and who they respond to.

Be interactive and entertaining simultaneously, talk through your brand, and touch people's emotions because it is also about making connections, developing relationships, and sharing your wisdom with others.  Finally, incorporate that emotion into your advertising strategy by focusing on specific groups of people and their interests.

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