How to make money with Google Adsense - Simple Steps

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How to make money with Google Adsense - Simple Steps

How to make money with Google Adsense - Simple Steps

Online advertisements have reached all-new levels due to their popularity among businesses. It provides a way for people to earn passive income by allowing advertisements on their websites. Google Adsense is a key monetisation program that allows businesses of all sizes to earn money.

Around 10.8 million of the total websites globally have adopted the Google Adsense program. It not only helps businesses but also Google to elevate their revenue percentage.

Everyone would like to earn extra income, especially when it can be done by offering advertising space on websites. Here we have compiled all the useful information that might help you make money through the Google Adsense program.

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Steps to Generate Income Through Google Adsense

If you have a website and want to generate some extra revenue, then trying out the Google Adsense campaign is the best option. You need to follow the below series of steps to have a profitable website and revenue generation.

Have Right Type of Website for Google Adsense

When we talk about generating Google Adsense revenue, some websites tend to perform better than others. You need to have great content and high traffic on your website for staying ahead in the revenue generation game with Adsense.

Talking about the content, there are two types: one that attracts new visitors every day and second, bringing back the existing visitors every day to gain information. Your website should have an ideal balance of both. However, websites that engage new visitors while keeping the existing ones loyal are as follows:

  • News sites
  • Free online tool sites
  • Blog sites
  • Forum and discussion boards
  • Niche social networks

While the option is not limited to these websites, you can also create one with optimised content. You need to find a layout that helps you get clicks to Google Ads and display content simultaneously.

Use Various Ad Units

Every user will create different ads depending upon the service or product they want to advertise. Most commonly used ads are video ads, simple text-based ads, or image ads. Since every advertiser will create their ads in various formats, therefore, you should allow your audience to connect with their desired advertiser.

When you choose the type of ads and where to place them on a webpage, it's better to bring user experience into thought. Try to keep more content than ads to drive traffic to your website and increase their online credibility. You can use the Google Analytics tool to check which type of ads would work better for your site growth and revenue generation.

Install Adsense Custom Search Ad

If you own a website with a lot of content, considering Adsense custom search for your website would be best. It will help in enhancing the user experience by allowing them to search the content on your site. Besides this, you can maximise your profits over Google AdSense profit by showing them along with the site search results.

AdSense custom search is a bit different from google search, and you need to apply for it to generate revenue over its use.

Start Earning With Google AdSense on Youtube

If you think Google AdSense is for advertisement using images and text, then you are probably wrong. You can also use unique video ads on your youtube channel and earn money.

First, you need to establish a youtube channel and then activate the monetisation feature from your channel's "Features" tab. This will help you to avail a guide on how you can link your channel with an AdSense account for monetising videos.

Once you sync your AdSense account with your youtube channel, it is up to you to choose the videos which should be monetised and which should not be monetised. You can check or monetise the videos through the video manager setting of your channel.

Why Is Using Google Adsense Beneficial?

Google Adsense is an advertising model that allows its users to earn some passive income on every click through their website. However, there are ample other methods that can be used for earning money but using Adsense is beneficial. Want to know why? Read the below-mentioned edges of using Google Adsense for advertising.

Simple & Quick

People who are seeking residual income can rely on the Google Adsense advertising model. Any user with an active internet connection can make a Google Adsense account, and this process is free of cost. You need to set up your account and business type, and Adsense will start to target the specific customers to bring more traffic to your website.

Easy Control of Site

Google Adsense provides access to website admin for controlling the content that will be displayed through ads on the website. The owner can also redirect Adsense to block specific ads from their webpage that promotes competitor websites. So, it's you who has the right to decide what should be shown to your audience and what not.

Huge Advertisers Network

Google has an endless number of advertisers who are seeking to promote their services or products through specific websites. Therefore, signing up for Google Adsense will bring in some advertisers to your website, and you can decide to choose your desired one. It is a beneficial platform for both site owners as well as advertisers.

Google Search Box Technology

The search box technology of Google ensures the user stays on that particular website for a longer duration. However, it is user-friendly also as they can search for a term in the search box and find all the desired results list. Besides, it also escalates the chances of a visitor clicking an advertisement listed on the site. It eventually leads to generating some passive income for the advertiser and website owner.

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Types of AdSense Ad

We all know that AdSense is a PPC advertising program for users who want to promote their products and services. Also, it helps the users to drive more sales and traffic to their website. What you should know is that there are different types of AdSense advertisements. And having this information in your bucket can turn out to be useful for you. Read along to get detailed information.

Display Ads

The display ads are the traditional image banner ads available in multiple dimensions, from the complete page leaderboard size to the small button size. Google has introduced several changes in the display ad types for combining the text and image formats under the single “Display Ads” section. These ads can include rich media showing ads-free images, video ads, flash ads and simple text.

In-feed Native Ads

Google Ads earlier use to offer the feed ads for displaying the blog feed and RSS content. But at present, any user can see these ads in-feed native ads in their AdSense account. Also, these ads are bound to blend nicely between the feeds to provide a feeling content feels. However, you might need to have developmental skills for displaying the ads because it is not as simple as copying and pasting the code in the feed loop of the ad.

Usually, server-side scripting such as PHP is brought into use in the feeds for creating the loopings such as category index pages or blog index pages. Therefore, you might also need to have PHP code that needs to be inserted in the in-feed native ad code over the category or blog index.

Matched Content Native Ads

The matched content native ads are typically known to be a content recommendation from the Google AdSense with monetising option. In the early days, there was a restriction present on showing the matched content ads.

However, this restriction was later on removed by Google, and it allowed all the published to show and create the matched content ads. It’s easy for the user to customise their recommendation ads for deciding the number of columns, rows and other parameters for fitting the site-specific layout.

Video Ads (Needs Separate Approval)

There are typically two different video advertisements and playing the video ads and embedded ads present inside the streaming video. Hence, playing the video ads also belongs to displaying the rich ads showing the videos instead of static text or image ad.

The video ads, on the other hand, can be either CPM or CPC type. Furthermore, the advantage of this type is that the impression is typically accounted for every specific loading of the first image. It is not necessary that the visitor will play the entire video ad.

Talking about the earlier days, it was easy for the users to enable the rich media content by choosing their type of ads is it Text or display ads for every individual unit. Google again removed this option, and they included rich video ads in display ads as a default setting.

In-article Native Ads

Next on the list is the in-article native ads, these are similar to the in-feed ads, but they have an entirely different purpose. Also, a user is allowed to display these ads between the paragraph or anywhere inside the content. These type of ads are typically considered to be helpful when you have long-form content that the user needs to scroll for reading. Apart from this, the chances of a user clicking on the advertisement are quite high.

Games Ads

Last on the list, but not least, are the games ads, and they are similar to the video ads. But you need to have separate approval for displaying the ads on the games. It is easy to apply for this ad request; you need to go to “Ads then other products settings and choose game ads”. These all settings will be available in your AdSense account.

Wrapping up

Google Advertising has evolved as a beneficial way of marketing services or products. It benefits both marketers and manufacturers in ample ways. If a user avails a service or purchases products through the marketer’s website, then the profit percentage will be shared with the marketer.

This article has highlighted the steps that can help you in generating good revenue over the visits to your website and increase your website credibility.

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