How to Create a Website Easily with WordPress?

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How to Create a Website Easily with WordPress?

How to Create a Website Easily with WordPress?

Having a website for your business is expected in the digital world. Earlier, it was considered an expensive as well as a massive project to create a website. But now with the help of platforms such as WordPress, it's easy to have one.

According to the statistics, WordPress is powering more than 39% of the total websites present on the internet. If you are seeking ways to make a WordPress website, this is your ideal place. We have brought a step-by-step guide to help you in creating a website using WordPress.

Steps to Create a Website With WordPress

When you think of creating a website, you need to be aware that WordPress has two different options for users. Both and are free and provide ample theme options to their users.

Some of the WordPress themes are paid, while some of them are free. Therefore, it is solely dependent upon the requirement of the users, and the choice is available in plugins as well. Plugins help in optimizing your website according to algorithm updates of Google. Here we will have a quick look over the steps to create a website using WordPress. Advertisement

  1. Choosing an Ideal Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting Sign Up
  3. Connect Domain and Web Host Services
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Browsing WordPress Dashboard
  6. Finalizing Theme DIY garage storage
  7. Set Up Sidebar Widgets
  8. Set Up Plugins
  9. Add Content

Choosing an Ideal Domain Name

The first consideration is to choose a domain name of your choice that matches your business nature. The expert suggested the domain name is ".com" which includes your business name.

Many web hosting services providers might suggest you with an ideal domain name. But going for one with your business name provides you with ownership and control over the domain.

Sign Up for Web Hosting

Next, you need to choose a web host from a variety of options available. Always go for a paid host having WordPress script in its library instead of free ones. You can start with a basic plan and upgrade to advanced hosting plans as per your needs.

Connecting Domain And Web Host Services

Once you are done signing up for hosting you'll have login information and the address of host nameservers. You need to copy nameserver information and add it to your domain name present in the domain registrar.

It will guide the domain for pointing towards a specific host only. Take your time and sync up these two aspects of your website to start with the building process.

Install WordPress

Earlier users needed to download the script from the WordPress site and upload it to their host website. But now everything is sorted as you can install the script from the library.

You need to log in with your credentials and choose the desired script you want to install and indicate where you are looking to install the script. Once the installation is complete, your WordPress account is ready to use for building a website or posting content.

Browse WordPress Dashboard

The basic functions of WordPress are the same, even when it undergoes an update change. You need to be skilled to learn about how they work and where everything is to handle your website.

After logging in to your WordPress account, you will be directed to a dashboard with a menu having multiple options. The standard options available on the dashboard are: posts (to create, edit or manage posts), media (where pictures, videos, and other media content of the website are stored).

Finalize Theme

WordPress offers many default themes, and you can install them from the library. If you do not want to use the default theme, you can upload your own desired theme.

First, you need to download the theme from a reliable source and add it through the "add theme" option present on the dashboard.

Set Up Sidebar Widgets

Widgets or shortcut buttons can be really helpful for you to navigate through your website. Adding or removing a widget with WordPress is easy; you can drag them anywhere you want to place.

The standard location for the sidebar is on the right side, but it can be changed depending on the theme of your website.

Set Up Plugins

WordPress comes with two pre-installed plugins, and you can activate them anytime according to your convenience. There are ample plugins available in the WordPress library that you can add to your website for optimizing it.

Add Content

After creating a website, the first thing you need to do is to add content. You can start by adding static pages such as "About Me", "Homepage" or "Services" page.

Content is important whether you are looking for a standard website or blogging website. Therefore, focus on adding relevant and optimized content to your website.

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Benefits of Using WordPress to Create a Website

WordPress is a platform that provides enough exposure for a business to build its online presence. As discussed, the percentage of users on WordPress is high due to its robust features. Here are some of the benefits that can be considered before using WordPress to create a website.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform, and websites built on WordPress have constant and simple codes. These codes make them perfect for Google indexing and increasing visibility on search engines. Apart from this, you can customize the SEO components for every web page of your website. You have full control over which page to rank high on search engines and which not.

Responsive Web Design

The increase in the number of mobile users has increased in the past few years, and having a responsive web design is a must for websites. The websites made on the WordPress platform have a responsive design that makes them ideal for mobile use.

Increased Site Security

In earlier days, the security was low for WordPress websites, but now this myth has been debunked. With the help of professional WordPress designers and developers, you can make your website hack-proof.

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Some Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

Creating websites with WordPress is easy and bring multiple benefits. One of the best thing about WordPress is that it provides you access to a wide number of plugins that can help you to optimise your website. These plugins also offer a better user experience and increase the traffic on your website. Here are some of the most useful plugins that every website owner should have if they have created a website through WordPress.


Every website needs to have a contact form as it helps the visitors to get in touch with the website owners. WPForms is among the most user-friendly plugins for WordPress that can create contact forms. This online form builder allows the user to create email subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms, online order forms, polls, surveys and many other kinds of online forms with simple clicks.

WPForms can integrate all the popular payment and marketing platforms for building powerful forms in a fraction of minutes. This plugin has both paid and unpaid version, and users are free to choose any one of them according to their convenience and preference.


It is another most popular and useful software in the market as it allows the user to convert the abandoned website visitors into customers or email subscribers. Also, this WordPress application and plugin allows you to get more sales and subscribers in very little time.

You can use hundreds of converting templates of this plugin for creating WordPress popups, announcement bars, slide-ins, gamified spin a while and welcome mats for capturing user attention.

Every opt-in campaign or form template comes with a drag & drop builder that allows easy customisation. Also, the OptinMonster display targeting features allow the user the personalise the campaigns for every user.

This way, you can show the right message at peak time and attract traffic. This works great for bloggers, eCommerce websites and business websites. It can also be said that if you want to earn money through your website traffic, then OptinMonster is a must-to-have plugin.

All in One SEO

SEO majorly helps the website attract more and more visitors from the search engines to all your websites. However, WordPress is SEO friendly to the next level, and there is so much more than you can do for increasing website traffic.

WordPress has a plugin called All in One SEO (AIOSEO), and it among the most popular plugins of all time. This plugin is primarily used by more than 2 million websites worldwide. Among all the WordPress SEO plugins, AISEO is known for offering a comprehensive solution with all the latest features and tools.

These are important to improve the on-page SEO of your website. Also, this tool assists you in adding the required meta tags, generate sitemaps, connect the website to GSC (Google Search Console) for optimising it for social media and other platforms.

The developer team of this SEO tool is continuing to innovate and add new SEO features that help you improve the website SEO rankings. There is an alternative to this plugin, and it is known as Yoast SEO Plugin.


Security is the top priority of most business owners, and Sucuri is one way to secure your websites. This WordPress security plugging and website application firewall provides the best possible protection to your website.

This plugin works by monitoring and protecting your website from DDoS, XSS attacks, malware threats, and all other types of attacks. If you do not own a firewall for your WordPress website, then get one today. It is one of the most useful plugins and is considered the must-to-have plugins for your website. Sucuri helps the user to block the thousands of attack made on WPBeginner every month.

Wrapping Up is a self-hosted website that allows you to download the script and manipulate it for web hosting and domain name. Therefore, the steps mentioned above can help you to create a website on WordPress easily.

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