5 Mobile apps to earn money while playing games.

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5 Mobile apps to earn money while playing games.

5 Mobile apps to earn money while playing games

With users spending so much time on their smartphones, it is only obvious that the mobile app developers decided to come up with something really exciting that will help you to earn money. These can be live quiz games, card games, cricket games, polls, and many more where people can participate and get cash rewards for playing.

But, is it really possible to get paid by playing games online? Yes, it is true, there are many mobile gaming apps that allow you to play without spending a dime and earn real cash. Gaming apps are ruling the roost and are currently the most downloaded applications in the world.

Playing regular mobile games won't make you rich, but these 5 games will give you a chance to have some fun and earn extra cash. There are innumerable options for you to play from Dream 11 to Paytm First Games. There is one thing common in all that is these games will help you earn.

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Here is the list of 5 certified mobile apps where you can earn money by playing.

1) Dream11

2) 8 Ball Pool

3) Rummy Circle

4) Qureka

5) Paytm First Games

Dream 11

It is an eSports gaming platform that enables its users or fans to enjoy their liking for the sport with a minimum earning of Rs.100. It has more than 10k+ installs, and it is having a 4-star rating on the play store.

Dream 11 provides relaxation to select the players, captains, vice-captains. It will help you increase your score, so choose wisely. A person having less experience can begin with a smaller budget before playing in bigger tournaments.

It includes contests like a hefty prize pool and a small prize pool. Dream 11 can be downloaded both on Android as well as iOS smartphones.


8 Ball pool

8 Ball pool is a pool game with more than 50 lac installs. On the play store, it has 4.5-star ratings. It comes in  1-1 matches and allows multiplayer tournaments. The game allows the players to manage their shot power by clicking on the mouse's left button and have to leave it towards the direction you are pointing or aiming.


It enables the players to grab the pool cue and verify how many shots one can make by the end. It also provides a relaxation time after every ball. On reaching down to the last ball, you get a new rack of balls. It is one of the biggest games that allow more than two users to play. 8 Ball pool is free to play and can be downloaded on both ios and android smartphones. 

Rummy circle

In India, it is the largest rummy circle 13 card game launched by Ultimate Games. The best part is that this game is trusted by more than 10 million people. These have become the best source of earning while the person is idle.

The best part of the game is earning the biggest prize pool worth four crores. It is a free download app and can earn a minimum amount of Rs 25. It has approximately 198k votes and is a part of Play games.

You can install Rummy circle on both the Android and iOS platforms and it is freely accessible.

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It is an online gaming app that enables users to earn money playing exciting and fun brain activities for illustration, live quizzes that one can access freely, and win cash prizes daily.

On Querka, you can play a quiz every hour to win more. The questions are related to History, Science, Polity, and General knowledge. The brainstorming app has a 4.2 rating on the play store, and more than 10lac users. Your earnings can go up to 60k daily.

It allows users to play the quiz every 30 minutes from 9 AM to 9 PM. It helps you to check your mental ability, the coordination of your eyes with your hands. As of now, they have a count of 6 fun games.

Qureka is free to access and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.



It has more than 8 million players and 50 lac+ installs. It is another card game that enables rummy lovers to play card games free of cost and earn cash.

It gives you an option to select either two or six player tables with a joker or no joker changes.

It provides free access to rummy and multi-table tournaments that enable various players to indulge in a competitive game with each other.

Ace2Three.com can be downloaded on both platforms—Android as well as iOS.


Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is for people who love contests and entertainment. It incorporates a massive collection of games such as Jumping, Ludo, Tic Ta Toe. There are various casual games like Cut the Rope, Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze.

Games that consist of prizes of more than Rs10,000 are exposed to an Income tax. The Best part is that the real money you have won is credited to the wallet of Paytm.

If someone is having a fantasy for cricket and knows about the rules, this game allows you to play with around 4.5 crore fans of cricket. Paytm is 100 percent safe, legit, and secure.

Paytm First Games downloads are more than 5k on Android as well as on iOS.

Make sure while playing these games, you choose the licensed website/application. It happens that some websites have their license revoked.


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Advantages of Using Money Making Mobile Applications

The all-new concept of online earning has allowed many people to meet their needs by earning money extra without a permanent source. Also, these methods include using the applications as they self-employ people and extend the methods to earn passive income. Money making applications provide various tasks to the users to execute and pay them once the tasks are completed successfully. The users also can choose the task according to their convenience.

Moreover, the online earning application allows the users to use their leisure time in the most productive manner and offers many bucks for task execution. Whether you are on vacation, travelling or simply chilling at home, you can earn money with a smartphone in your hand. Let us have a detailed look at the advantages of using the money-making applications that are available online. Read to grab the detailed information.

Numerous Possibilities

The online money earning games application is not limited to some tasks, but it offers various options for making money. You also get a number of options that you can choose from. Apart from this, it allows you to choose a task according to the interests. If you are willing to give your views on any specific products, you can choose to be part of that specific survey to earn money. Also, any user activity on social media can share the applications and win rewards.


These applications do not need you to sit for a specific period for executing the tasks. You can easily decide the timings and place according to your schedule. All you might require is a stable internet connection to start earning some bucks at any time of the day. You are your own boss with such online earning mobile applications. The students and housewives can choose these applications to enjoy a maximum of the benefits.

Zero Investment

The best thing about the online money making games application is that there is no need for you to invest any money. You can start earning by investing 0 rupees and still manage to earn the wholesome amount of money. Also, the simple and free registration process of this application is enough for a person to start a venture in the online earning world. Even if some application asks for a pre-investment, then the money required is quite nominal, and they have a moneyback guarantee. Therefore, you can be free from worries that your money is not losing. Some application even offers post-investment service, which means that you can start earning and you need to pay the registration fee after the amount has been reflected in your account.

Completely Effortless

Another great thing about these money-making applications is that they need minimal or no effort to earn money for you. Many of the tasks or levels in this application can be executed and completed successfully while having fun. You don’t need to have any prior experience in carrying out these tasks successfully. Also, the tasks offered by these applications are easy and simple. So, if you are looking for the best ways to earn money, then switch to the applications that we have mentioned above.

Safe & Easy

Last but not least, these money earning apps are safe for every user to use. You are either paid in the wallet of the application, or you can transfer the funds to your bank account through UPI or a simple money transfer. Also, you can get the amount in the form of gift cards or coupons that can be redeemed for online shopping, food ordering, and mobile recharge. On top of everything, a user simply gets paid when the completed task is reviewed and found to be accurate by the support team of the application.

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Wrapping Up

It is time to experience fun and enjoyment with the best-earning games apps. This will require nothing but some free time. These games are free to access and the best method to spend your time and earn even if any pandemic hits the world.

You don't have to worry about doing a job or earning. Housewives staying at home, can definitely amaze their husbands by making money sitting at home. So, stop thinking and start earning while playing games now!

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