7  Easy Steps On How To Make Money On YouTube

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7  Easy Steps On How To Make Money On YouTube

7  Easy Steps On How To Make Money On YouTube

Looking to earn money online? To become a YouTuber would be one of the best and easy options for you.
As we all know that YouTube is getting popular day by day. A huge audience uses YouTube daily. Most of the people are already earning from YouTube. With every 1K views, you will get approx $2-$3, this is not enough, but if you make 100 approx videos with each 5K views that you will get $1K-$2K, this would be a decent amount of money.

To make money on YouTube is no longer exclusive to choosing few or huge influencers. There are a lot of opportunities for everyday people to earn money from YouTube. Although you have to be more strategic in your approach. 

Below are some easy steps through which you can earn money on YouTube. So, let’s get started.

1. Use affiliate links on YouTube:

To promote affiliate links is one of the massive opportunities to earn money from YouTube. For instance, if you promote or recommend a product and audience visits there to buy then you will get a commission for that. Advertisement

2. Funding from Fans:

Fan funding or crowdfunding is becoming more common on YouTube. It is a great source of income if you have a fantastic idea for a media project. It not only generates initial funds, but also contributes to establishing revenue and audience for your project in the future.

3. Share your knowledge with tutorials:

Tutorials are also one of the great ways to earn from YouTube as tutorials are becoming popular nowadays. If you know how to do something, then you can share it with others and make money from the videos. You can create videos on beauty, new dishes, health and exercise-related videos. 

4. Seek sponsorship:

To get sponsorship, you might need to work on a detailed proposal regarding the things you’re able to provide. Keep in mind that you are having good knowledge of your audience and the brand that you are approaching.

5. Create products and promote on YouTube:

If you are a seller and have your own products then YouTube has unlimited offers to promote them and generate sales from them. Products may be apps, ebooks, or art and music, etc.

Make your products and add them to a wish list or on a shopping cart, then take help from YouTube to promote them. You can add a link of your product in the description of the video so that it can be easy for users to purchase them.

 6. Sell products of others as an affiliate marketer:

The actual meaning of affiliate marketing is to sell products in exchange for a percentage of profit or commission. Thousands of industries offer attractive deals to affiliate marketers who are promoting their products which includes some of the huge companies like eBay, Amazon, and this technique is also adopted by some of the smaller companies.

In addition to this, there are also some various affiliate networks you can prefer. These networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale.com and many more.

To get earned from YouTube as an affiliate marketer, you can review affiliate products on video or can also make “how to use this product” tutorial. Do not forget to link your products in the video description and keep in mind to use your affiliate link or you won’t get credit for any sales.

7. Make your own web TV series:

If you are a writer and want to expand your skills and earn some money, then YouTube allows you to create your own web TV shows. Here you are only limited by your imagination and with your budget.

You have a lot of options to create a show on YouTube like a drama series, a comedy series or your own talk show. Keep in mind that there is a time limit of any show on YouTube, the length is up to 15 minutes. To create and upload long videos you need to increase your limit. 

If you are a desperate TV or screenwriter then you can get a few friends together and can record your own TV shows. You never know, if you get lots of views then you may develop a new career and earn more income.

 Nowadays, to earn money from home is not a daunting task anymore when the internet is flooded with lots of options. All you only need is the determination to be excellent in your skills and show the audience what you learned till now and spread your knowledge and also what you are planning to learn.

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