20 Most profitable Business ideas in India for 2021

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20 Most profitable Business ideas in India for 2021

20 Most profitable Business ideas in India for 2021

Do you believe in setting up your own business? If yes, in this article, we would be discussing the most profitable small business ideas through which you can earn a livelihood.


80% of people have a dream about starting their businesses, depending on their ideas. Running your own business will give you the freedom to become your boss. Here are 20 best small yet profitable business ideas that will require zero to minimal investment.


To kickstart your small business, blogging is the best option with the least investment. One has to write down a high-quality subject matter. Make SEO-friendly blogs, and get paid through Adsense or promotions. You can earn 20 - 30k/month. Advertisement

Affiliate marketing

It is a process of collecting commission by promoting other people's products and services—for example, amazon. You can promote your products on the youtube channel and get your % of share on each product. You can earn around 50k/ month.

Virtual Assistant

Companies like Amazon and eBay always look for virtual assistants who can provide manual and tech support. You have to answer queries of the customer and perform minor tasks. Earn up to 15k per month.

Online Courses

Make a comfortable and attractive online course on any of the topics that can help others excel in different domains—for example, Udemy. Elevate your course via ads. Earn massive income through subscription. You can earn a maximum of 20 to 25k per month.


You can upload your videos, vlogs that people love to watch. This will increase the views and likes on your videos. Ask people about subscribing to the channel that will help you to earn. This will help you fetch 15k/month depending upon the subscribers.

Dog walker

Are you a dog lover? Everyone loves dogs and suppose how enjoyable and fantastic it would be to get paid to take someone's dog for a walk. Earn while having fun with adorable little creatures on the earth. Earn up to 30k per month.


Do you have a room lying unused in your home? You can put up your space on Airbnb. Airbnb can assist you in gathering extra money from the collection of rents. Earn up to 20k/month depending upon the site location and services provided.

Online Bakery

If you have the proficiency in baking, you can set up your online bakery to put up the various items that you love to bake with the price of items. This is another best idea to set up a profitable business. Earn more than 20k per month.

Logo Designing

If you possess creative designing skills and have an excellent drawing, this will be the best option for your business. You can start an online logo designing business by connecting yourself with organizations. Earn up to 10k per Logo.


There is always a need to communicate the information to foreign traders. For this, translators are required. One has to act as an intermediary between organizations and foreign traders. This can help you to earn up to 25k per month.

Online coaching classes.

Take coaching classes of the subject you have expertise in. You can set up different batches of different classes and take meetings via zoom and google meet. This will help you earn more than 40k per month.

Soft skills trainer

It is vital to have soft skills for getting a job in the corporate sector. You can earn by giving soft skills training by arranging soft skills sessions through webinars. You can earn up to 20k for each session.

Tiffin Service

One of the most profitable business ideas is to supply food. Tiffin service is in the limelight these days. You can provide tiffin service to college students and people who have to leave for work early. Get paid around 30k per month.

Yoga classes

People do not have enough time to focus on their health these days. So one can arrange yoga sessions online. It doesn't require a specific environment to start, can be carried out anywhere. You can earn up to 15k per month.

Makeup Artist

It has a limitless return if setup once. You can launch various makeup schemes by making groups on Whatsapp and expanding your network. You can earn up to 30k, depending on the client.

Resume builder

This business idea will help graduates. They hire resume builders at affordable rates to create a visually appealing resume that will help them get jobs. You can earn up to 1k per resume.

Dancing Instructor

If you have the dancing skills, then you can act as a Dance instructor. You can divide the batches and teach them the latest choreographies. This will help you to earn up to 3k per student.

Custom Tshirt Seller

You can begin by creating custom t-shirts with different prints and photos on it according to the customer's taste and preference. This can help you to earn nearly 20 to 30k per month.

Tour Guide

You can become a tour guide of your local region and can show up your city to the people coming from different countries and places. Take them to the historical places, if any. This will help you to earn up to 15 to 25k per month.

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Courier service

People who love to travel can take this up as a business idea. You have to pick the parcels and deliver them to the mentioned location. This will help you to earn around 20 to 25k. May vary depending on the location.

Elements of Smart Small Business Goals

Even if it is a small business or a large one, every business has its set specific goals and requirements. Hence, when they are able to fill these goals, they are ready to walk on the way to success. The smallest business struggle to find the right opportunity and be successful. The primary reason behind this is that they do not have set business goals. No worries, we have represented the elements of small business goals that should be in the mind of every small business owner.

Define Your End Goals

Every business needs to have goals, and we understand that very well. If you have started a new business and want to excel in the field, you should have defined end goals. Having the goals defined makes it a lot easier for you to strategise your planning and decide when to do what be it marketing, executing advertisement campaigns or generating the leads. You should manage everything according to your plan, and doing this will help you achieve greater heights of success. So, the priority of every business should be defining the end goals and always crave to fulfil them at the first pace.

Find the Target Audience

Your business can only reach success when you have the right audience. They should be proactive and participate in every activity raise by you, be it polls, surveys and giveaways. You might be thinking, what is the right audience for your business? No worries, read along to know more. The visitors who keep visiting your website or store regularly and make a purchase according to your convenience are the right audience.

These potential customers will enhance your sales and revenue generated over the years. The best way to find the target audience is to view the statistical report of the growth of the website and know from which platform most of the organic traffic is being generated. Having the identity brand published on all the major platforms allow you to target the right audience.

Assemble The Star Team

When we own a small and profitable business, we work with a team of star members, and all of them perform with the dedication to make the business successful. If you want to start a new business and make it successful, then assemble the names of the best performer from your team and create a strategy to make it successful. Make them responsible and assign a team so that they can train other members to even make it productive. If you have an individually owned and operated business, you need to be the jack of all the trades. This will help you gain knowledge and skills that can help in taking your business to new heights.

Go For Cheap Advertising

Nothing can be sold without advertising, and the same applies to the services. Even if you are rendering the services, no one will reach to you for availing your service unless you are a globally known name. Hence, for small business marketing, the business and the services are quite important.

They should know the right ways to advertise, and the methods used for advertising should be cheap. That’s because small businesses cannot afford to use those expensive advertising methods. Also, this can disturb all of their budgets, and they cannot render the best services to their customers.

Available on Social Media Platforms

The best way to do your small business success is to create a social media account on all the possible platforms. Also, having a presence on common social media platforms can help your businesses to gain the required reputation to be successful. You can also free advertise your business on these platforms and generate some potential leads for yourself. If required, then prefer to get the help of the social media managers to handle all your accounts and post regularly.

Wrapping up

You are just a step away to set up your own venture. Take a small step at a time and you will be on your path to a successful small business. Now, it is time to kickstart your own firm and to be your own boss with the exciting and best-aforementioned business idea.

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This requires just a bit of self-encouragement and enthusiasm. These ideas will definitely bring you a maximum return on investment. So stand up, chin up and never give up! Wishing you a rewarding career ahead!

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