How to make money from Instagram ? Fully Explained

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How to make money from Instagram ? Fully Explained

How to make money from Instagram?

Social networking platforms have turned out to be a key part of our lives. We all like to share our daily activities with our dear ones using social media. As per the surveys and records, a person having followers close to 10 thousand can earn $88 per post. Therefore, it will increase your revenue generation, and you can earn some passive income.

You might have heard about influencers, and they can be fashion influencers, lifestyle influencers, travel influencers, and many more. They earn commission on every product sale through their reference. Have you ever thought of earning money through your Instagram account? If not, then don't worry, we will help you learn how to make money from Instagram.

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Ways To Make Money From Instagram

Earning can come from different sources even if it's social media. We spend a lot of time scrolling over the internet then why not spare some time to find ways of earning. If you have a strong Instagram profile (i.e. thousand of followers), you can become an influencer. Advertisement

Influencers are primarily those who collaborate with brands to promote their product, and in return, they either get money or a free subscription to their products. In some cases, they get money and free products, if the profile has a wider reach.

Followers are not everything that matters when you think to promote products as you need to keep profile impressions in mind. It's better to focus on a specific niche and promote the products accordingly as it will increase your profile credibility and brand value.

Now, you might be aware of the basic things that can help you make money online through Instagram profiles. Here are some other ways to generate income using your profile.

  • Posting sponsored content for the brands who want to display their products in front of your audience.
  • Apply for affiliate marketing programs to make a commission on the sale of products from any specific brand.
  • Offer a paid service such as photography, painting or handcrafting.
  • Selling products as a third-party vendor and generating profits.

Let us get to know in detail on how to approach brands for sponsor posts.

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How To Work With Brands Over Sponsored Posts?

Influencers are known to be trendsetters, taste setters and trusted experts whose opinion regarding a product or service is highly prioritized by their followers. Many brands partner with influencers and sponsor them for promoting their products through posts or stories.

Instagram should be a passive income source, and you should work with reliable brands to gain your audience's trust. If you have a loyal audience base, your posts' engagement rate will be higher than the size of your account.

Working with brands is easy; you can reach out to them and ask for sponsored posts. Another way is to list yourself on multiple influencer marketplaces to increase the chances of you being discovered. Here are some of them:

  • Fohr card
  • Grapevine
  • Crowd Tap
  • indaHash

When it comes to endorsing sponsored content, the rules are different from brand to brand. You should be on the safer side by using "#sponsored" hashtag to show your audience that it is a sponsored post. Staying transparent about the sponsored posts doesn't change the perspective of the audience.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

You can also sign up for different affiliate programs and share them on your social media accounts. This will help you earn some part of the profit if the consumer purchases the product with your link or code.

Affiliates are usually involved in elevating the sale percentage of the brand instead of creating awareness. Well, Instagram doesn't allow you to share links through posts; you can place them in your bio only.

Besides, accounts having more than 10 thousand followers can add a swipe up link for your story's product promotion. Written below are some of the popular market places where you can reach out to sign up for affiliate programs.

  • RewardStyle
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Note: Affiliate links can be long so you should use link shortening software to make it suitable for your Instagram bio.

Sell Your Licensed Pictures or Videos

Everyone is talented in their way, and it can be either photography, videography, painting, handicrafts, and many other things. So, why not use social media's power and engage the audience to generate some passive income. Instagram is one such social media platform that helps you get some extra money for your talent from your home's comfort.

You can start a business page to sell your handcrafted gifts, paintings, photos, and videos. It will help you get some engaging customers and followers that will eventually increase your business's visibility.

Pro Tip: Keep on posting a variety of content on your Instagram profile regularly to engage customers. It will keep your followers' interest, and they will wait to see your creations every day.

Become Virtual Assistant For Influencers

You might have noticed influencers prepare so much for posting a video or photo content to their Instagram page. But have you ever seen behind the scenes pictures or videos posted by them? It is probably not, but look carefully; most influencers post these videos to show their audience how much hard work it takes to post one single post. But all the work is not done by them as they are only representing. Instead, all the work is done by their expert team.

Like the movies, many people work behind the scenes to ensure that the workflow is smooth. If you prefer to work behind the scene or have camera phobia, consider helping any influencer as a virtual assistant. These people also earn a lot from their job, but they don’t have rights to the credits but what matters is revenue.

Approximately every influencer out there needs help with filtering the sponsorship requesting, identifying spam followers, running ads, or managing the clients. You can assist them by working as a virtual assistant and charge them per hour for your services. A VA is responsible for handling all the things such as managing the direct messages, posting content and replying to the queries of the people in the comment section.

Also, you might need to provide ideas to your influencer for growing their brand. If you want to practice all the Instagram marketing skills without even being in the limelight, then the virtual assistant position would work for you.

Sell Instagram Captions & Brand Lines

Most of the brands that have their page on Instagram have hired a manager to handle the page, and they are responsible for posting the content. But sometimes, they are not the ones who are creating the catchy captions.

Brands need to have professional, engaging and easy to read the caption to drive in customers. The best thing they do is to hire a freelancer caption writer or creator. These individuals come up with a creative caption for Instagram posts every day and maintain the uniqueness of the page.

However, if you think you are creative enough to come up with the brand lines or post captions that can drive traffic to brand websites, you can apply for this job. You can mail them with your bid and some samples to ensure that they get an idea of your working style. If the brand likes your writing style, they will contact you for further discussions, such as payout.

Not only brands but sometimes influencers also look for the trendy captions that make their post stand out. So, you can make your profile as a seller and help them know what they can do to make their profile stand out from the crowd.

You might be surprised that freelance caption writers earn a lot by providing such catchy and engaging captions. Their charge is based on per word and quality. The more high-quality you can provide, the more the price you will receive for your work.


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Offer Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is one of the trendy jobs for skilled people as it allows them to work from anywhere on the basis of per hour charge and generate high income. You should target the businesses that need the marketing services and offer them your services at a specific price. This will help you both to collaborate on a long-term project.

The social media marketer is responsible for marketing their products on Instagram and other social media platforms if required. The main purpose of such marketing is to drive sales and attract new visitors. So, if you have knowledge about social media marketing, then apply for the jobs from the different job portals or approach the brand pages.

What All You Need to Earn Money From Instagram?

Earning money through online portals or social media platforms isn't tough if you know all the things that will be required. You might have observed that most of the online shopping portals have their account created on Instagram. That's because they can drive traffic to their website and generate sales. Here are a few significant aspects you might require to start earning through Instagram.

  • Followers: Every Instagram business account should have 10K followers to get a swipe-up link facility. This will help them redirect their viewers to their website and build traffic.
  • Engagement: Even if your account doesn't have many followers, you can earn pretty good by maintaining a great engagement. Sometimes, the user doesn't follow the account but keeps purchasing items through it and increases its engagement. You should focus on the engagement rate of your Instagram account regularly.
  • Varied Content: The best way to keep up with the engagement game is update your profile daily with some new content. This will create hype among the followers and regular visitors to check your account and increase its engagement.

Wrapping Up

Now using your Instagram account to earn passive income is easy with the methods discussed above. This article has everything that is required for you to start earning from your social media handles.

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