I Can Do Anything You’ll Ask Ma To Do On Time Without Any Complaints

Posted By: Tenzin Dekyi

About this Talent:

As a recent 12th-grade graduate, I'm excited to share my talents with you. I have a knack for creative writing and problem-solving. During my time in school, I was involved in various writing projects and competitions, which allowed me to explore my passion for words and storytelling. I also enjoyed taking part in math and science clubs, where I got the chance to work on analytical and logical challenges. While I don't have professional experience or clients just yet, I'm eager to continue developing my skills and pursuing opportunities that align with my interests.e! In addition to my writing and problem-solving abilities, I've always been curious about technology and its applications. I often found myself helping friends and family with tech-related issues, which sparked my interest in coding and web development. While I haven't had any official projects or clients so far, I've been working on personal coding projects, like creating a simple website for a school club and experimenting with basic app development.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 month
Location: Rs.Dehradun Languages Known : english , hindi
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