I Will Create Surveys, Quizzes, Trivia, And Blogs For You.

Posted By: Paakhi Tibrewal

About this Talent:

If you have any requirements for creating interesting surveys, quizzes, and similar needs then you have arrived at the right place. I can help you with the following: Creation of questions and answers Multiple-choice questions Questions to match data in 2 columns. True or False questions Creating fill-in-the-blank questions. My Experience: I have been working with various clients to meet their survey needs in different fields and have extensive experience in creating various types of quizzes on numerous topics. My clients have always been satisfied with my delivery. I will ensure that all your requirements are met and the delivery is completed on time. So you can completely rely on us when you want to create some survey that is interesting, interactive and at the same time inspires the people taking part in it. I can even help you in creating brain teaser quizzes. While coming up with your request please specify all the details so I can ensure accurate delivery as per your needs. The final document can be provided in PDF, TXT, JPG, or any other version based on your requirement. I am open to revising the content till all the points mentioned by you have been met.

Salient Features:
Job Price:INR 350 for 10 survey questions Duration : 5 hours
Location: Rs.Meerut,India Languages Known : english
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