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The value of online surveysJoel R. Evans and Anil MathurZarb School of Business, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York, USAAbstractPurpose – To provide a thorough analysis of the role of the internet in survey research and to discussthe implications of online surveys becoming such a major force in research.Design/methodology/approach – The paper is divided into four major sections: an analysis of thestrengths and potential weaknesses of online surveys; a comparison of online surveys with othersurvey formats; a discussion on the best uses for online surveys and how their potential weaknessesmay be moderated; and an overview of the online survey services being offered by the world’s largestresearch firms.Findings – If conducted properly, online surveys have significant advantages over other formats.However, it is imperative that the potential weaknesses of online surveys be mitigated and that onlinesurveys only be used when appropriate. Outsourcing of online survey functions is growing inpopularity.Practical implications – The paper provides a very useful source of information and impartialadvice for any professional who is considering the use of online surveys.Originality/value – The paper synthesizes the vast literature related to online surveys, presentsoriginal material related to survey methodology, and offers a number of recommendations.Keywords Internet, Surveys, Research, Research methodsPaper type General reviewIntroductionDuring the twentieth century, there were great advances in the techniques andtechnologies utilized in survey research, from systematic sampling methods toenhanced questionnaire design and computerized data analysis. The field of surveyresearch became much more scientific, and several leading associations emerged tofurther enhance industry practices. These include ESOMAR (World Association ofOpinion and Marketing Research Professionals, www.esomar.org), AIMRI (Alliance ofInternational Market Research Institutes, www.aimri.org), CASRO (Council ofAmerican Survey Research Organizations, www.casro.org), and AAPOR (AmericanAssociation for Public Opinion Research, www.aapor.org).Over the last 25 years in particular, technology has revolutionized the way in whichsurveys are administered – with the advent of the first e-mail surveys in the 1980s andthe initial web-based surveys in the 1990s (Schonlau et al., 2001). As Grossnickle andRaskin (2001, p. 9) have noted:While initial forays were fraught with technical difficulties and methodological hurdles,recent developments have begun to expose the medium’s immense potential. The earliestonline tools offered little more than the ability to deploy paper-based questionnaires tointernet users. Today, tools and services are available with a wide range of feature sets at awide range of price points. One or more of them are almost certain to meet the needs of anymarketing research professional.In 2002, nearly $500 million was spent on online surveys in the USA (Hogg, 2003); andaccording to Inside Research, this figure was expected to reach about $960 million in

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