Video Editing ,Short Ads Expert.price Based On Own Client Offer

Posted By: Mitchell wendo njuguna

About this Talent:

I can do short ads and editing in the shortest time as possible bring something legit to different brands.What makes my shory ads different and selling out is my voice over.I use my own. Creativity to sell out a brand product .I have an experience for a year now with working on my friends projects and my own video and editing content.One thing the ads and editing are done to perfection to the liking of the client.I do at affordable price so clients can afford my work coz its my passion for this i want every individual to experience my talent at any cost.Be sure i doing your short ads for your company will bring massive customers to purchase your brand product.Am looking forward to share my unquie touch to ones brans products using the short ads and video editing.I am my own crew but we can work to create

Salient Features:
Job Price:100 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.kenya Languages Known : english
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