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Posted By: Navkiran

About this Talent:

Different Stages of My Video Editing Process

For a better understanding of the clients, I have divided by video editing process into different stages. Once I have received all the requirements from the clients, I start to work with the following stages for delivering quality work.


The first stage is to log the video and collect all the useful clips from the information or the source provided by the client. Here I research deeply and find the most useful videos that I can use to create a custom video.

First Assembly

Here I collect all the logged video parts and assemble them in order in the timeline. Also, I ensure that every part is interconnected to maintain a proper flow.

Rough Cut

This is one of the most important parts as I cut the long first assembly part into a small one and make sure it is what the client is looking for.

Fine Cut

Another cutting step here is deeply looking for clips that can be cut easily without hampering the quality. This includes cutting video closely by milliseconds. After the fine cutting, the video receives the look called Picture Final Look. This means the video is ready to ship off to the client for review.

Final Cut

The last stage is the final cut, where the editor job is almost done, and the video needs to be filled with audio, colours, special effects and captions if required any. This process is all about giving a fine touch to the video.

Once the video editing job is done, it is then shared with the client through different means. If a client needs any additions or edits, I look into it and ensure that it is according to his/her guidelines.

Note: If you have any additional requirements after the work is delivered, please place another order for the same as it will not be counted in the previous work. The edits would only happen for the requirements that were sent while placing the order.

FAQs Related to My Job Gig

Do You Have Any Reference to Your Previous Work?

Yes, I have access to all my previous video editing work I have done over the years. If you are keen to know about my previous work, then drop me a message. I will share the link to my drive, where I have saved all of my previous work. You can also ask me for the websites of the clients for which I have worked in the past few years.

How Do you Share Large Files?

I usually share the link to my Google Driver or the Link to the Folder where all my client work is saved. Apart from this, if you want, then I can share the large files through other platforms. Dropbox and We-share are among those platforms that I use for sharing larger video files.

Can You Edit a 4K Video?

Yes, I can edit your 4K quality video at a customisable price quote. However, to get on a final price quote, you can message me anytime to schedule a meeting. Also, during the meeting, we can exchange thoughts on your project and land into a beneficial deal for both of us.

Is It Possible For You To Create a Custom Outro/Intro Podcast Video?

I am open to all the possible opportunities that can enhance my skills and personal experience. Hence, I have broad working experience with Video Editing, and I am confident that my created custom Intro/Outro Podcast Videos would be beneficial for you. You can share all of your requirements with me to provide a better idea of what exactly you need in your intro video. My videos can add a unique touch to your podcast.

Can You Handle Bulk Orders?

Yes, I can handle bulk orders easily as I have worked for many clients who provide me bulk work at times. I can work under pressure without hampering the quality of videos. So, if you are looking for a gig to complete your bulk order efficiently, then you are at the right gig.

Can You Provide The Audio Version Optimized for Audio Platforms?

Well, this is something where I can help you with complete professionalism. I have handled many similar projects in the past, and all of them rated as the best one.

What are The Softwares You Use For Video Editing?

I Use different software to ensure that the video or the final product delivered is of high quality. I primarily bring in the use of the tools such as Filmora, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia and Adobe After Effect.

Do You Offer Money-Back Guarantee?

My services are 100% guaranteed, and if we are unable to land on the working page, I will provide you with the refund paid to me before the task

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.4900/- for Editing a 15 minutes raw video Duration : 24 hours
Location: Rs.Patiala, India Languages Known : english
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