I Can Post 30 Classified Ads Per Day On Various Classified Websites Just For Rs 500

Posted By: Harsh

About this Talent:

I do not have much past experience but i can be essential asset to youu as i do have a good knowledge of English and have just completed my class 12th withh pcm stream and i am smart enough to do your given tasks. I can give upto 3 hrs a dayy but if my promised work isn't donee , I am up for pushing further. My  feild of interests are sports politics science music gym fitness travel vlogging etc but if there is something else to cover up, l am up for thatt. l am good at typing so data entry would be my thing and u will have a important worker added to your unit.you can relyy on me for different types of workk and I don't fear taking responsibility. I am also not eager on earning too much money at early agee so you can trust me on not being greedy.

Thank youu!



Salient Features:
Job Price:250 Duration : 3 hrs
Location: Rs.Vijaynagar Languages Known : english , hindi
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