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About this Talent:

What qualities make me the best choice for an Ad Posting Job?

Promoting your brand, business or products is a good thing to do to earn some extra income. However, posting them on reliable sites can be a bit tricky as you will not be aware of the same. Therefore, seeking help from the experts who post classified ads would be a great alternative.

I have experience in posting classified ads on websites with high traffic to increase the conversion rate on my client website. With an extensive area of knowledge, I work with dedication to ensure that my client is satisfied with my work.

I have prior expertise as a digital marketing expert and my own knowledge about sites where your classified ads can be posted without heavy investment.

Here are the things that I can do along with posting your ad:

  • Title Formation
  • Description Writing
  • Image or Logo Creation
  • Inserting Website Link
  • Putting Contact Details in Ads
  • Adjusting Owner Name For Better Reference

Choosing my services comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • Live Ads for 1 to 12 months
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Quick Response
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Manual Posting
  • Post in High Traffic Website
  • Post in your targeted City

Looking to serve you in the long term!

Steps that I Follow to Create Successful Classified Ad Post :

Though it is not that difficult to make classified ad posts, we still have to follow specific steps to create a successful classified ad post. Therefore, I am adding a list of steps that I follow to make my classified ad post appreciable.

1. Searching Classified Posting Sites -approval

The very first thing that I do is to search for the best websites. I select seven to ten best websites, make a list and then send them to the client. It is important to post our classifieds at least at five sites to make them rank higher. After getting the client’s approval, I start working on the websites chosen by the client. I work as per the requirements of the clients.

2. Studying Guidelines

After selecting the website to work on, I follow the next step that is to thoroughly go through the guidelines of the website. Every website has its own guidelines for accepting and rejecting classifieds. Thus, it is essential to study the guidelines and then pick the best website that is compatible with our classifieds.

3. Creating Classified Advertisement

Now, post the two steps, comes one of the essential steps that is to create a classified advertisement. I identify the service or the product I am going to sell. Further, considering the service, I write an ad for about 500 characters which include a brief description and the benefits of that product or service. Moreover, I use Microsoft Word as a tool to edit my ad and keep a check on the grammar and the spelling mistakes of my content.

4. Tracking Advertisement

The next step that I follow after creating the advertisement is to post my ad on the selected websites. Also, my work does not stop here. After posting my ad, I keep track of the websites. I keep checking the conversion rate of my posts. It is crucial to know which ad is giving more conversion as it helps me to work according to the demand and give my clients the best results. Moreover, tracking helps to identify the amount of effort I need to put in and the right place to do that.

5. Sharing Classified Post

to increase the traffic, I share the websites that have a low reach

Last but not least is the thing to share my classified posts. I consider sharing my ads on multiple sites with the use of API and RSS. This helps me to increase the visibility of my ads. The more people will watch it, the more revenue will be generated. Apart from this, to increase the traffic, I share those websites that have comparatively low reach.

Note: Before you place your order, you can clear your doubts and queries, if any, by just dropping a message in my inbox. I will clear all your doubts and hear all your requirements. This will help both of us to land up at a great deal.

FAQs About My Classified Ad Posting Job Gig

1. Will I get sales or traffic from this service?

Yes, I can assure you to get a massive amount of traffic through this service. The reason behind it is that I will only post on those sites which have around 1 million visitors per day.

2. Will you post this ad on my targeted states, cities and local area?

Yes, I will surely post this ad in your targeted states, cities and the local area. I work as per the requirements of the clients.

3. Will you provide me with any report or proof for this work?

Yes, I will provide you with complete access to the report of this work. You can easily track the submission of my work after its completion. I will give you the URL.

4. Will I be able to display my ads in different countries or cities?

Of course, you will be able to do that.

5. Do you provide your service for different countries?

Yes, I can work in any country.

6. Will you be able to complete the work within 24 hours?

Yes, I am efficient enough to complete the assigned work as per the client’s requirements. But, the client also needs to learn about my requirements before placing an order.

7. Which package is best for me?

Well, all my packages are best for you as they are made keeping in consideration the demands of the different clients. Thus, you can choose the one that fits in with your desires.

8. How many times will you revise?

I have an aim of working for the client’s satisfaction. Therefore, I will revise the content till you get satisfied.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.366/- to Rs.732/- for one ad post Duration : Less than 24 hours
Location: Rs.Bangalore, India Languages Known : english
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