Form Filling , I Am Willing To Make 30 Ads Per Day Charging 10 Rupees Per Ad .

Posted By: Anushka Suman

About this Talent:

Well wishes,

I am Anushka ,hereby interested to tak this job.

Qualities that makes me suitable or this job is I can assure the given task to be completed within the time limit and since I am a rookie the charges would be less.

I am experienced to make creative ads which my past clients have been very satisfied about.

I have spectacular English skills along with greta typing speed and skill.

I am willing to take even more tasks in the future if u need it to be .

My typing speed is 300w/m -350 w/m with such typing speed and a skill of accuracy 97% the work will be completed way before the deadline given .

There would be no need for looking for a correction eye as I can be the same for it rest be assured you are getting the best possible person for this job.

So look no more.


Salient Features:
Job Price:10000 Duration : 1 month
Location: Rs.Banaras Languages Known : english , hindi
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