I Can Translate Over 200 Words Per Day For Just A Cost Of 200

Posted By: Karnam sravan

About this Talent:


I can translate the words in English and this is my first time and I am thing I can do this good,so I am I want to do this work for improvement of my English and also to increase my typing speed and the understand many words and to learn many from this work and I will promise you that i would be doing this work.

with my full efforts and I will to happy by doing this 20 minutes a day by doing this i can to improve too much and i know overall three languages they are Telugu,Hindi and English here I will be translating Telugu and Hindi into English and I don't know any other language

so i think i would be doing good and I will pay my attention on this work and I am ready to translate the words and I think I can do this

Salient Features:
Job Price:200 Duration : 20 min
Location: Rs.Hyderabad Languages Known : english
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