I'm A Freelancing Writer Who Can Write Articles In Due Time For Rs.300

Posted By: Jenna

About this Talent:

I'm a young writer with only local experience, i have written for my school and college magazine and was also responsible for my my team's anchoring scripts. I have a strong hold on language and very good grammer skill. 

I also write for myself ..poems, essays and always have been original and refreshing with my concepts and can grasp any concept with accuracy and my own understanding skill and unique perspective.

I'm a good editor and would love to learn and write more about what i learn to help and share information on the internet.

I believe that my take on subjects have always been very interesting and have managed to grab people's attention. My language use is simple and  easy to understand. This not only helps the one with good reading skills but also those who aren't used to extreme dictionary language. 

Writing is something I've always done and i think it's time that i can share this skill of mine to the rest of the internet 

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Banglore Languages Known : english , hindi
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