I Will Proofread Your Content And Edit Them To Make Them Flawless To Readers.

Posted By: Komal Gupta

About this Talent:

I will meticulously edit your book manuscript, proofread and make it more thoughtful and interesting. If you are confident of posting whatever you have written and want it to be revised , then you are at a right place. I can work on any type of documents and company website and edit them in a turnaround time. I'm a student studying bachelor's yet but I'm pretty sure I'm good at editing the content.  Book lovers know how important it is to provide a grammar correct book and sentences to enhance your user experience. In the process of publishing a book, it is important to ensure any mistakes and I'll take that surety.

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000/- Duration : 24 hours available
Location: Rs.Jamshedpur Languages Known : english , hindi
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