I Will Proofread Your Content And Edit Them To Make Them Flawless For The Readers.

Posted By: Shilpa Chhabra

About this Talent:

About my work:

I will proofread any web content and edit them to make them flawless for the readers. Besides this, I have a team specialized in technical and YouTube content editing too. So if you want to take the content to the next level by making them more meaningful and interesting for the readers, then your search ends here.

About me:

I have completed post-graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (IIJNM), Bangalore. I enjoy proofreading and editing content in various niches except for the legal niches.

With over 4 years of experience in the field, I can provide you with a flawless document in the least turnaround time.

Common FAQs about my work:

How much do I charge for editing 500-word content?

I charge INR 450 for 500-word content editing.

How is the pricing for editing YouTube videos?

When you need any YouTube video to be edited, it will cost INR 2000 for 30 min video.

What is covered in editing web content or blogs?

I make the content free from any grammatical or logical errors, enhance their readability. Besides this, I also add facts and figures if needed, to make the content more impactful.

Clients have also asked me to add short video clips to the content for keeping up the interest of readers, so if you have any such requirement, then I can fulfill that too.

How long do I take to edit 500-word content?

I take 4-5 hours depending on the type of editing. If infographics and video clips have to be added then I will need more time. We can discuss this over call for better clarity.

What do I do in YouTube video editing?

When it comes to YouTube video editing, I will trim the videos to remove the unnecessary content, link it to other video content, YouTube channels, playlists, and others as per requirement. If I haven't specified your requirement here, still you can discuss it with me to know if I can do it.

Am I familiar with WordPress?

Yes, I can enter content into WordPress and make the necessary changes.

Do I optimize content for the Google search engine?

Yes, my editing work involves SEO to make sure that your web page ranks well in the Google search engine. I use SEO-friendly themes in WordPress and faster plugins to boost the website's optimization.

Do I work on all niches?

I can edit content in all niches except adult content. So if you have any such requirements, I am not the right person.

Do I edit legal content also?

Yes, I have a team with members specialized in the legal niche and hence they are the perfect ones to correctly edit the legal content.

Can you check my work samples before collaborating with me?

Yes, I will provide you with some work samples based on your current requirements so that you can learn my editing style. If needed, I and my team can work on any test task before taking up the actual assignment, for assuring you about our performance.

What does the premium package of Youtube content editing include?

The premium package will cost INR 4000 and will include the following:

  1. Evaluation of your YouTube channel or web page.
  2. Complete setup that includes logo creation, banner, searching tags.

iii. Intro and outro video.

  1. Researching hash tags.
  2. Assured delivery in 4 days.
  3. Optimization of 5 videos
  4. Optimizing meta tag.

vii. Optimizing title and the description of video content.

What is my stand on editing academic research papers or scientific content?

We have a Ph.D. Trained editor in our team to concisely edit the content for making it better for the readers. Our articles have already been published in reputed science journals and we can provide you samples of the same if you need to have a look at them. The structure will be improved with the language, style along with basic editing.

What if a piece of content has plagiarism?

My editing work includes making content unique and free from plagiarism too. If the document is very long and you have a stricter deadline to finish the task, please make sure to mention the same to me so I can make adjustments in my schedule and adhere to the deadline.

Do I provide all my clients with a report for plagiarism-free?

I provide a report for plagiarism-free only when the client's requirement involves removing plagiarism from the document. For basic editing requests, I do not provide any report unless requested.

How can you track the editings made in content?

I will provide you with an MS word file so that you can track the changes made. Along with this, I will also send you a clean manuscript without any comments so you can readily use it.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.450/- for a 500-word article. Duration : 4 hours
Location: Rs.Gurgaon,India Languages Known : english
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