I Will Fill Up Your Surveys And Forms Precisely And Correctly.

Posted By: Nisha Sharma

About this Talent:

About my work:

I fill up different surveys and forms precisely and correctly. People generally lack time to fill up the survey and other forms correctly. In hurry, they often make mistakes which cost them a lot. If you want to avoid such issues, then you have reached the right place. I do it manually as well as online as per the requirement of the client.

For better efficiency and quick turnaround time, I have a team working with me on various types of projects. So you can expect your forms to be filled up with realistic data as per their perspective so that you can investigate the features, opinions, behaviors, or any similar parameter during the survey.

About me:

I have over 5 years of experience in Business, Finance, law, accounting, internal and external audit, financial statements, and tax returns. I am also an experienced consultant so you can come up with your questions and get the best answers and advice.

I am an advanced user of applications like Photoshop, Oracle, MS Office, ERP, PDF, Audacity, and others. So no matter what type of form has to be filled up or any survey is needed I can help you out to accomplish it easily.

FAQs related to my work:

How much do I charge for filling up a form?

For a form having 10 points, I charge Rs.1200.

What all is covered in the above price?

In the above price, your forms will be accurately filled up in the least turnaround time and there will be revisions as needed, without any specific limit.

Do I help a person to understand the whole process while filling up a form?

Yes, for novice candidates, who have no idea about filling up a form, our team guides them and helps them understand everything that is needed for filling it up.

Do I help in filling forms while filing income tax?

Yes, we have a team of experts who can help you file your income tax. Besides this, the tax consultants in our team also help you understand ways of saving tax. This comes with an extra price and is covered under the premium package.

Am I any helpful for job applicants?

Yes, I can help job applicants apply to relevant jobs in different job portals. When they do not have enough time to do so, they can always approach me, so our team will be applying for suitable jobs and once they back call, it is on them to decide if they want to opt for it. This is also covered under the premium package.

Do I help you filling the vehicle insurance and license-related forms?

Yes, any type of forms that are needed for doing insurance, getting a new license, renewing a license, or other related tasks

How long do I take to complete a form?

This depends on how long a form is but it typically takes about 1-2 days. But I can commit the exact turnaround time only when I get to know the type of form you want to get filled up.

Do we help students applying for foreign universities in filling up their forms, and creating a resume?

Yes, our services under the premium package cover this and we have experience in the same too. Students getting this done from us have been successfully able to get enrolled in their dream universities.

Do I fill forms related to legal aspects also?

Yes, legal forms are needed when you are about to start a new business and we can help you out with this.

Do I provide my work samples to new clients?

Yes, for any type of form filling work, I provide relevant work samples to my clients so they can go through it and get an idea about my work.

How accurate are the forms filled by me or my team?

We can assure you that the forms filled in will be 100% accurate. We will cross-verify all the information from you once it is filled up to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Do I take bulk orders for filling up forms?

Yes, we take bulk orders also.

How do I fulfill the bulk orders?

Since I do not work alone and have a team with specialized members having good experience in different niches, we can assure to fulfill bulk orders on time. The work is divided to ensure strict adherence to deadlines.

You can check my profile for reviews. My team had completed many such bulk orders before and successfully earn satisfied clients. This is evident from the client reviews.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.1200/- for a form with 10 points Duration : 3 hours
Location: Rs.Bhopal,India Languages Known : engllish , hindi
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