I Can Write Letters And Fill Form With Zero Mistake By The Grace Of Allah

Posted By: Hashim

About this Talent:

I am a good English speaker and writer with an academic computer operating skills. And will be doing this job as my first freelancing job with great devotion and integrity. I have experience in data forms and typing letter, while I was doing a survey job in civil engineering group of companies about 2 years, So it's easy to me to fill form and type letters. Beside this I am a computer operator of Microsoft office, Excell and Microsoft word too. I am an young person of age 23 with great energetic skill doing it. 

I can work alone and with a team too. Or I can also lead a team with my self to achieve what I or you want from us. We will be going through challenges which I love the most facing difficulties and hardships can't break us as we have to achieve glory it a pleasant to work with you. Thanks alot.

Salient Features:
Job Price:100 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Balochistan Languages Known : english
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