I Can Fill Up 60 Forms For 650 Rupees Only Per Day

Posted By: Andrianarison Lantosambatra Aurelien

About this Talent:

I used to be a data entry operator and a chat moderator. The former was typing book texts and medical and airport databases as well, while the latter was answering customers who want to meet people by making the chat last long to earn more. I am passionate about both professions and I always met the quantitative and qualitative objectives for the chat and the deadlines for the data entry. So, for this job, I will be ready to bring again my share of responsibilities for the development of these activities. I can also do other jobs like classified ads or book reviews or even the marketing network. I will follow the instructions you require and perform my tasks in a professional manner. If your question is "Why should I be the ideal candidate over others? "then I would say that you are only looking for experts like me but not only professionals because even a beginner is supposed to be a professional when he starts his career.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.DELHI Languages Known : english
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