I Can Do My Work With Accuracy And Within A Time

Posted By: Rishita Sahu

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Hi,I am Rishita Sahu,a B.com graduate from Allahabad University.I am living in Allahabad and now i prepration my post graduation (M.com).

In the past few month i have learnt how to use microsoft application like (MsWord MsPowerpoint and MsExcel) and i want to do part time job (work from home) with study.

I don't have any previous experience but i have good knowledge how to work with full accuracy.I can do my work within a time.

I have a laptop on which i will be able to do my work easily and type easily any content.

Thank you...



Salient Features:
Job Price:700 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Allahabad Languages Known : english , hindi
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