Video Editing Is The Manipulation And Arrangements Of Video Shots

Posted By: shabina Asghar

About this Talent:

video editing  is a process of editing segments of motion  video production  footage,sepcial effects and  sound recordings in the post production process...

The goal of editing is to manipulate these events to communication closer to the original goal and target .

it is a visual Art. sometimes all you need is to make small,simple edits to your videos.

mixed voice is when you combine your head voice and chest voice to create  an even singing tone from the bottom to the top of your voice 

I can edit a kind of video which you want and also audio mixing.i have 2 years experience and did video editing and voice mixing for many peoples.  

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 2-3 hours
Location: Rs.JHELUM Languages Known : english
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