The Title Was Inspired By An Series Of Terrible Ads.


About this Talent:


The title was inspired by a series of terrible ads for Charmin featuring grocer Mr. Whipple, who scolded and tried to prevent women from squeezing Charmin toilet paper rolls -- these were recognized as some of the worst ads in TV in the 1970s, but Procter & Gamble didn't want to give Mr. Whipple the "pink slip" because he drove sales. Luke Sullivan's goal with this book is to teach people to come up with great ideas that also sell. He covers coming up with ideas, how to approach your work, how to create visual stories, getting into the business, and collaborating with clients. It's the perfect foundational book for those looking to make a career of writing words that sell. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:5000 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Tirupati Languages Known : english
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