Simple Letters To A Series Of Pre-Programmed Motion Graphics. Video Editing

Posted By: Lavanya Pandey

About this Talent:


Inputting sound to enhance footage, which may include selecting music and writing voice-overs. Inputting graphics to enhance footage. Digitally splicing film and video and synchronizing them into one rough cut file. Improving and correcting lighting, coloring and faulty footage.

Strong writing/editing/proofreading skills and an excellent portfolio.Hands on experience with MS Office and InDesign, Photoshop or other publishing tools.Proven familiarity with SEO and social media best practices.Excellent written skills in English.

Technical skills to put on resume for Video Editor. Premiere Pro. Editing. Adobe Creative Suite. Final Cut Pro. Avid Media Composer. Soundtrack Pro. Video editing apps are also used.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 Day
Location: Rs.Delhi Languages Known : english , hindi
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